How GoDaddy Can Help Your Foodie Business (Part 1)

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When I first started NeuroticMommy I didn’t really start it with the intent it would be an online success. I had no idea about building a website or having a space online. When I started to realize the importance of having an online presence, I knew I had to do something but honestly had no clue where to begin. Starting a website when you’re not a tech person can be super intimidating and overwhelming. When I found GoDaddy I was super relieved to know they can help me get it all started minus the intimidation factor.

It’s on this platform I’m able to share all that I learn about food, recipes, health, wellness, parenting, lifestyle, and all that good stuff. This is like my online home. I love coming here sharing recipes and connecting with people to discuss topics I’m passionate about.

How GoDaddy Can Help Your Food Blogging Business (Part 1)

Since building this website a lot has changed and become even more easier for you to create your own home in the online world. So what I did was I created a site using GoDaddy’s GoCentral Website Builder to create my side hustle called, Responsible Health. There I can sell an array of cookbooks, self help books, etc, for my audience and educate them on health topics across the board when it comes to food. But it doesn’t stop there.

Here are other things you can do:

  • Build a great restaurant website in under an hour from any device, no technical experience required
  • Easily create and update menus, add beautiful photo galleries, and accept online orders and reservations
  • GoDaddy GoCentral is the perfect solution for any foodie who wants to turn their passion or business idea into a reality

This is super convenient as I didn’t have to build this hiring a web designer and dropping tons of thousands of dollars to do it. This makes the taking the first step part of getting started that much easier. And it even comes with a mobile friendly version. This is key because a lot of traffic that comes to websites are through mobile.

If you’re still unsure or hesitant to take the first step, you have time! GoDaddy is offering this Free with a 30 day trial. You have 30 days to build up your site, so you can take your time and really feel your way through it with no rush. If you need photos to help you along because you’re a visual person like me not to worry they have a ton of stock photos for you to choose from. This is highly customizable to fit each individual needs. Choose your own layout, colors, and upload your own photos. The process is so so so easy.

Having this easily accessible to showcase your products, books, and skills to your audience is key in successfully running your online biz. Trust me I know first hand!

Since this is a two part series, in my next post which is set to go live on Monday the 13th, I’ll show you the almost finished product to my new existing site Responsible Health.

If you have further questions or want to get your site up and running right away visit GoDaddy Go Central Website Builder for more information.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.