My Amazing Yet Intense Reiki Experience

My Amazing Yet Intense Reiki Experience -

Everyone pretty much has some general idea of what Reiki is. People may not know exactly what it entails, but in some general sense they know it’s a form of healing spiritually. My Amazing Yet Intense Reiki Experience with Asha of Reiki Traveler was incredible and anything but relaxing. However this is not a bad thing. In fact, it just confirms that the session was a success and a form of healing I will continue with. But before we get into all that let me just explain what Reiki actually is so you have a better understanding of it if you don’t already.

What Is Reiki?

The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. Meaning “spiritually guided life force energy.” Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. This is the same for TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) but they look at the life force energy in terms of meridians.

My Amazing Yet Intense Reiki Experience -

The Healing Benefits of Reiki

On Asha’s site, Reiki Traveler, she has these listed healing benefits:

For Adults:

  • Decrease stress & anxiety levels
  • Promote circulation
  • Decrease pain, promote muscle relaxation
  • Increase overall sense of balance
  • Detoxification; clear chakra blockages
  • Promote healthier diet & natural food cravings
  • Addresses insomnia
  • Gynecological conditions
  • Musculoskeletal issues
  • Neurological issues

For Teens:

  • Release of excess energy and toxins
  • Deep calming effect
  • Encourage healthier natural cravings
  • Increase water intake due to detoxification
  • Promote self worth, body image, love and acceptance towards self
  • Decrease depression and anxiety
  • Increase confidence
  • Assist with hormonal imbalances

For Kids:

  • Increase body awareness (assist with poor coordination, clumsiness)
  • Increase attention span & focus for school participation
  • Promotion circulation
  • Get comfortable with experiencing gentle healing touch
  • Feeling more centered and aligned
  • Clear chakra blockages
  • Promote self care (i.e. Potty training, increase awareness of muscle control)
  • Decrease sensory defensiveness & Increase sensory awareness through
    light touch and vibration
  • Feeling connected to their bodies
  • Muscle relaxation


My Amazing Yet Intense Reiki Experience -

Meet Asha of Reiki Traveler

Asha Surti, MS OTR/L, specializes in the art of Reiki. Asha is an Occupational Therapist & Reiki practitioner licensed in NJ and NY. She uses holistic approaches incorporating the mind, body and spirit. She has been a licensed OT practitioner for over ten years, after graduating with a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Boston University’s Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in 2008. Asha is certified as an 9th generation Reiki Master after completing her training with top RMT Nicholas Harris in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Asha has also been called to explore Shamanism in the last few years, as she feels it is an intuitive part of her being. She has worked under several Shamanic practitioners to deepen her knowledge and interest in this ancient healing method. Elements of Shamanism are utilized in her Reiki sessions, to obtain further guidance and insight for a client. This may include accessing spirit guides, ancestors, animal spirits, and more. Elements from the earth may also be incorporated such as fire, water, stones/crystals, feathers for clearing purposes, shells and more to calm one’s energy field.

Asha’s experiences have led her to work with many populations, including geriatrics, pediatrics, and adolescents, in a variety of settings, including schools, clinics and in home treatment. Diagnoses worked with, but not limited to, have included: developmental delays, autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, generalized anxiety, depression, eating disorders, arthritis, pain, autoimmune diseases, traumatic brain injuries, stroke, cancer, genetic disorders, and neuromuscular diseases.

My Amazing Yet Intense Experience

Now that you know Asha and what Reiki is and all it’s wonderful healing benefits, I can get into my experience with you.

When I arrived at Asha’s place, she lives in an old building and I’m fairly sensitive to energies (remember my Angel post?) so I loved it right away. The building is an original structure with all the built ins from 100 years ago. Her space was big, bright, and inviting. I could already sense that healing was going to go down there that day. It was just in the air.

My Amazing Yet Intense Reiki Experience -

Asha greeted me with a huge smile, some water and we got to talking. She had already written down notes or messages I should say she received from the night before. Which were spot on by the way. Very private, intimate stuff. Her notes weren’t vague and couldn’t be translated for just anyone. They were very direct and specific for me. From that alone I knew she was legit.

Spiritual Besties

Asha and I felt that we had met the night before in the spiritual realm and had like a bestie pow wow before the session. Everything either I brought up or she were aligned with the messages we were both receiving.

Now I’ve done Reiki before to help when I was breaking out in hives and I attribute a lot of my healing to that. It was with a different practitioner at the time, different experience all together but still effective.

You’d like to think Reiki is about laying there on your back in a meditative state all chilled out and relaxed, and it can be but it also can be a super, very intense healing session, as it was for me.

She started with sound healing, then I smelled a mix of essential oils and sage. I embraced these smells as I know they are for many things and one of them mainly being for protection. This can be a very vulnerable time so you want to make sure you’re with someone you trust, knows what they’re doing and creates a safe space for you to heal.

The Intensity

As soon as she started I felt her put stones on me and gently lay her hands on me. But it gets tricky because when you think her presence is on one side of you it’s really on the other. Or you can feel more than two hands on you at once. At first I got really scared and super panicked but I knew it was lower energies being released from me, so I just rolled with it. I almost stopped her to tell her I was a little frightened but as the session went on the panic eased up as did the fright.

Waves of panic and anxiety were coming and going. It is very hard to purposefully lay down and “shut off” to face what’s going on inside, deep within. It takes courage because so much wants to come up and out and be released. My body was having mini spasms, I was every so often jolting. It was so surreal and once I got past the fear of it, I was amazed by it. I welcomed the healing.

And just to be clear it’s not horror scary, nothing like that. If it were I’d be out cuz I’m a wuss and don’t invite or entertain things like that. Reiki is a form of healing through the highest love, light and positivity. All that negativity and fear I was feeling was inside me coming out. If you saw me lying there you wouldn’t think anything was even going on. But Asha and I both knew it was a super intense session.

You Can Carry Things With You From a Womb State

There are very deep very heavy emotions and feelings being carried from a womb state. Imagine that. You can be carrying things that don’t even belong to you that perhaps belong to your mother, father, friends, lovers, etc. We have energy that attaches to us that’s not even our own and Reiki helps us let that of which doesn’t serve us go. You claim your own energy back and remove any blockages. There’s a whole chakra system too that is being cleared. There were 7 main chakras that were focused on during my session. There are more than 7 chakras but we will only focus on the main 7 for now. Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.


My Third Eye (6th) Chakra was wide open. I’m very in tuned with the spiritual realm and need to ground myself 3 times more than I normally would. Asha knew or felt exactly what I was going through during my session without me having to say it verbally. When the session ended we both looked at each other and just had a sense of knowing. She said to me that was very intense for you, I felt your anxiety throughout. She went on to discuss why I was feeling that way and that it was still very normal and safe. Cords were cut, heavy things that were stuck for many years were being removed. Afterwards I felt lighter in a sense. Not weight wise but things had felt like they had been shifted.

When I got up my mouth was extremely dry and I was very dizzy. This happens when you do energy work as your body is not use to the free flowing of it and it throws off your equilibrium for a few minutes but it returns back to normal quickly.

Not every single thing is released or healed in one session. It’s a practice. You have to keep going for the healing benefits of it to start or continue to work. It can be expensive but you don’t have to go every week twice a week. You can start off bi monthly or monthly and take it from there.

I really felt like I connected with Asha and am now going to be trained under her. In January I’ll be taking her Reiki 1 course, which I’m super excited about.

My Amazing Yet Intense Reiki Experience -

My Continued Healing

In the week that followed my first session with Asha I took it easy and slowed down a bit. I’m still slowing down but not beating myself up for not getting everything done all at once. Remember, even when the session itself is over, it initiated a healing that continues. Things will come up and you just have to go easy on yourself, as I’m doing.

I still work and take care of my family obviously, but I meditate more, I take some time to decompress, I read, I practice yoga, but I’m also doing all these things not because I have to but because I want to and it’s with intent. The intent to heal. I have a purpose and I focus on that purpose. Whatever your purpose will be is your own. I think we forget we also have to make ourselves a priority to take care of too. Not just physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well.

I wanted to share this with you incase you’re on the fence about booking an appt. (wherever you are) and are a bit nervous about what to expect. Reiki is only here to serve you in the most loving way possible. It’s another form of healing you have available to you. I encourage you to go into it with an open mind. And if you have any questions you can reach out to me or visit Asha’s website Reiki Traveler for more information.

All information in this article are for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnosis, treat, prescribe, or cure any disease or health issues.