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Chakra Clearing Bundle

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Heal, Clear, Balance, and Activate your Chakras with this Chakra Clearing Bundle.

Each set comes with:

  • 1 - 4" Chakra White Sage Smudge Stick
  • 1 - 4" Selenite Wand
  • 2 Palo Santo
  • 1- 2" Abalone Shell
Allow your body and mind to relax while you create a more balanced energy flow. When the Chakras become blocked they prevent energy from flowing freely in and out of our bodies.

This makes us feel unbalanced, flighty, indecisive, moody, and our whole day can be thrown off by this and can affect all areas of our life. When there is an imbalance in your Chakra system, it will eventually manifest itself as a problem in mind, body, and spirit.

Us this bundle to help you align and balance your energy centers.

Use caution when burning

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