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Oracle 101: A Beginner's Guide Feb 16

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Oracle 101 : A Beginner's Guide

Tuesday February 16th 10AM-3PM


Sign up before February 10th - $122.00

After February 10th - $144.00

Have an oracle deck and have no idea how to connect with it? Have you been trying to do readings and find yourself getting flustered not receiving clear, accurate information? Want to deepen your connection with your Spirit Tools and really learn how to use your intuition to receive messages that can help guide you and others? Well I'm so happy you're here, you've come to the right place!

Using an oracle deck as a guide for your personal life or in your spiritual practice can benefit you in ways beyond measure. It's such a fun yet powerful tool to use and have to guide you in ways you need.

In this Oracle 101: A Beginner's Guide workshop we will cover the following:

  • What is an oracle
  • Understand different types of oracle decks
  • The difference between oracle cards and the Tarot
  • How to connect deeper with your deck
  • How to use your intuition to interpret messages from your oracle deck
  • How to attune your deck(s) to your energy
  • How to clear and cleanse your cards after each use and how to use the Full and New Moon for upgrades
  • Practice reads with others using the book and without using the book
  • How to use your oracle cards for personal use, 1:1 sessions or in group healings
  • Meditations and journaling exercises you can use to strengthen your connection with your oracle cards

This workshop is for anyone with an interest; newbies with their first oracle deck, individuals who have decks but don't know where to start, and for long time oracle readers who would just like a refresh.

This workshop will guide you along your journey to read whether privately or publicly with confidence, grace, and ease.

It is my honor to learn with you!


Sign up before February 10th - $122.00

After February 10th - $144.00


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