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Past Life Meditation + Healing January 15

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Past Life Meditation and Healing

Friday January 15th 8-9PM

via Zoom

This healing and meditation will deepen your connection with Loved Ones, Guides, as well as to Ancestors in Spirit. You'll be guided and given the strength needed to move past, work through, and break free from energies that have impacted who you were in a past life, and who you are now.

You will be given messages and shown patterns you need to remove from specific past events. The past life that you will be shown to you by your Spirit family will bring your awareness to resistance you're currently holding onto presently. These are barriers and limitations that effect you in your waking life. You'll be presented with reoccurring thought patterns and old habits so that you can dig deep and understand your true intentions. You're being Divinely Guided on your journey to bring you into alignment with the very best of which you deserve.

This meditation and healing will release what no longer serves you for your greatest and highest good. You will remove unnecessary self limiting beliefs, and create space for change in new ways so that you can make progress in the present.

Please have a blanket or sweater, notebook, pen and glass of water available.

Find a comfortable place to relax and wear headphones for the best sound.

This is offered on a sliding scale basis so please give what you can - I am so super grateful for your support in any capacity! Xo


Please download and install the free app from online or on your phone.

In your confirmation email, you will receive a PDF downloadable link that contains the Zoom meeting information that you will need to join at the time of the meditation and healing.

This is not Past Life Regression or Hypnosis

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