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New Moon Healing and Guided Meditation

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New Moon Healing & Guided Meditation

Thursday September 17th 9-10PM

What it means to heal with the New Moon

Continue breaking through barriers and restrictions you're faced with. Question old habits and behaviors, see where you can make change and create new ways to continue to make progress.

It's also a time to plant seeds but also reflect on how far you've come and how you're adapting to seeds coming to fruition that you've planted months ago.

During this healing we will go with the flow of the cycles and find gratitude for where we are today. We will step aside and get clear on what we need and want moving forward. Through this healing you will remain focused and aligned with your truest purpose. You will be able to continue to move forward with determination and inspiration to achieve what you're meant to do.

During this time you will be presented with old thought patterns and old habits that you can dig deep and understand your true intentions and heal through them accordingly. This healing will release what no longer serves you for the greatest and highest good. You have the right to happiness as we are all deserving of it. There is no need to fear or worry when the other shoe is going to drop. Just because you find happiness within does not mean it's going to abruptly be taken away.

The Moon carries the divine feminine and with this comes a nurturing energy that will encapsulate you whilst allowing you to break through anything that is holding you back.

This is a guided meditation that brings with it Reiki and Trance Healing from Reiki Master, Trance Healer, Psychic/Medium Jennifer. During the session you are allowed to keep your camera off so you are your most comfortable and relaxed. You will get the most out of the session this way. When the healing meditation is over we will have a talk afterwards about anything that came up for you if you feel comfortable sharing. Anything shared within the group is confidential.

*Please drink plenty of water (more so than usual) before the session and after the session and in the few days that follow.

Have a blanket or sweater handy during the healing session.

This session is done via Zoom and headphones are recommended.

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