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Intuitive Crystal Readings With Jenn


Let the Crystals Choose You

Intuitive Crystal Readings With Jenn

Crystal readings focus on the energies which you will work with in the coming cycle of your life and guide you on how best to work with those coming energies. Crystal readings offer insight, validation, and confirmation for you.

Crystals are expanded consciousness or expanded awareness. Using them to blend with your energy during a reading gives constructive guidance. During our crystal reading the messages that are meant for you to hear will be for the present, at this time.

These energies bring about guidance that is for your highest possible potential.

Crystals are intuitively read for each person, so what one crystal means for you will not mean the same for someone else. These readings are unique to your energy.

Intuitive Crystal Readings With Jenn

Energy is fluid and ever changing. In any reading that you receive it’s so important to take what works or resonates with you and leave the rest. Nothing I say is set in stone. You will be given the best possible guidance but ultimately the path is up to you to follow.

This is about the here and now, the present moment. There is no past only now. There is no blueprint to one’s life where it tells you at the next life decision to make a left. I wish it were that simple but in every corner of life there is a learning opportunity, a lesson. How we choose to learn that lesson is entirely up to us!

You will always be the one who makes the decisions in your life. You hold the power! You can use Crystal energy for support and guidance along the way. Whether you need courage, bravery, more energy, a different or newer perspective…crystals are here to work with you and for you. 


Intuitive Crystal Readings With Jenn

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What you can expect from a crystal reading:
  • Understand more clearly your relationship with self and with others. 
  • Why certain situations or circumstances keep coming up.
  • Healing on all levels of mind, body, and spirit.
  • Bringing in balance to your energy system.
  • Where your focus of healing should be at this time and what is coming up for you that you need to work through and clear.
  • Energy blocks that have been inhibiting your personal, spiritual growth.
  • What the deepest realms of your subconscious are trying to communicate with you through the crystals.
  • Where you are blocked in your auric field and what crystals will be best to work with to clear those blockages.
  • Where to place your crystals for maximum support and how to wear your crystal jewelry if you have any pieces or are interested in wearing your crystals.


Upon booking your appointment, please note what you’d like to work on or if you’d like a general read and see what comes up. What kind of guidance do you feel you need right now and we can work together from there. 

Intuitive Crystal Readings With Jenn

Crystal readings are to help bring in more clarity, making decisions with ease, being less dismissive of ourselves and not afraid to speak our ideas out into the world. This will help with confidence in moving forward from what’s challenging and seeing the cup as half full rather than half empty.

This is a blending of the soul with you, me and the crystals.

Everyone needs support in some aspect of their life, and I’m your BFF in the Spirit Realm holding your hair back while you navigate your journey of uncharted territory. But there is nothing to fear because we are always being guided, we are always protected and surrounded by love even when things get turbulent. So, let’s work together so I can teach you how to be your own anchor on your journey.

Intuitive Crystal Readings With Jenn

This is not a fortune telling reading. I make no predictions in any of my services. We will talk about how you can show up for yourself and do the work so that you are living the life you dream for yourself, not the life I or anyone else tells you to live!
The crystal energy reading is a spiritual, transformational, and empowering way to rediscover your personal power and let go of what no longer serves you.


To book your own personalized intuitive crystal reading click here.  

With Love, Gratitude + Crystals,

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