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Black Tourmaline

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7.5" diameter - 8mm beads

Black Tourmaline is my top choice for protection and grounding. It transmutes negative energy, both in the physical and spiritual worlds, and helps promote a more positive and uplifting stance.

Think of transmuting like a filtering system. It takes negative energy such as negative thoughts, patterns, bad intentions from others, etc and transmutes it back to neutral or back into the Universe. The unwanted energy doesn't stay stagnant in or around you or the space you are occupying. Since energy enters our human and auric systems through our left side (feminine side), I suggest to wear this bracelet on that side.

Also associated with clearing electromagnetic energy or EMFs. You can keep a nice chunk of Black Tourmaline between you and your computer for added support.

On top of all that, Black Tourmaline helps remove energetic blockages in the aura and is great for balancing the chakras.
Helps release stress and feelings of isolation.

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