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Blue Agate Tumbled Stones

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Blue Agate Tumbled Stones Medium size

1 Stone per order 

Blue Agate is correlated with the element water, Throat Chakra, and supports freedom of expression.

This is a very soothing, gentle stone that helps facilitate communication with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

When you are seeking guidance this stone can help bring information to light and you'll be able to make decisions with a clearer mind.

Blue Agate is very calming and centering. This will relax you when you're feeling nervous as it's gentle with the nervous system. Great to carry in your pocket or purse, or put under your pillow to help ease anxiety and have peace during sleep.

It will also highlight where you need to change old thought patterns or belief systems. It will help you understand that the words you speak can create your reality so it's important to be mindful of what you say and what you do.

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