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Blue Apatite

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7.5" diameter - 8mm beads

Blue Apatite is known to expand our reasoning abilities and enables us to see the real truth. Not the truth we wish to see but the truth that is really there in front of us. We can't lie to ourselves with this one.

This crystal is all about clear and honest communication, and allowing you speak your own truth. When you speak your own truth it inspires your original creativity and brings a sense of balance and harmony to ones life.

Blue Apatite will amplify your manifestations, expand your intellect, and light a fire under you to want to set and achieve your goals.

Wear Blue Apatite to increase your psychic gifts, and removing any negativity from the auric field. Use during meditations, and to "see" more clearly your clairvoyant visions and insights.

Ironically and a total bonus, it's said to be a natural appetite suppressant!

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