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Clear Quartz

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7.5" diameter - 8mm beads

Clear Quartz is a Master Healer. It will amplify your intentions, manifestations, and all other healing properties of the crystals you use around it or in conjunction to. It has one of the highest vibrations so super ideal to make this a staple in your crystal family. Definitely in the top 5 must haves.

It purifies energy on top of amplifying it so any negative belief systems or patterns you have going on, Clear Quartz will help you turn those around in the positives more healthful belief systems and patterns. It supports putting you in alignment with the highest frequencies and removing lower vibrating entities.

Utilize the healing properties of Clear Quartz to bring you closer towards enlightenment and it cleanses and clears you through mind body and soul as a collective whole.

Wear Clear Quartz with your other crystal jewelry and feel yourself ascending into those higher healing dimensions!

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