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Green Aventurine Tumbles

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Green Aventurine Tumbles

The stone of opportunity and also harmonization, bringing all the pieces together to form a beautiful, bright abundant whole! Green Aventurine helps you work through unresolved emotional issues so that you can step into your true power.

When stepping into your truest power you cannot NOT attract abundance and wealth. You cannot NOT be lucky. People will gravitate towards you because they won't be able to understand just how you seem to always be at the right place and at the right time! They will be all like "I'm having what she's having", thank you!

And remember we are talking abundance in all positive ways so not just the beautiful energy of money but also relationships, love, laughter, and the like!

Directly correlated with the Heart Chakra, you can wear a necklace that's close to your heart. You can even place your gems on your altar or sacred space. Keep it in your office or near your bed, somewhere you can see it everyday.

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