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Howlite Pocket Hearts

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Howlite Pocket Hearts

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Howlite is associate with the element Air and the Third Eye Chakra, opening you up to your infinite inner wisdom and trusting your own intuition.

Howlite is a calming stone as it can help you to reduce your own levels of stress and anger. It will also protect against any anger or negativity that is directed towards you from another person. And because it's calming qualities, it is known to help reduce insomnia as it relieves, soothes, and unburdens an overactive mind.

For those who are excited to explore the possibility of past lives, Howlite can also assist in bringing those details into focus.

Other benefits:

  • Brings peace and tranquility to all who use it
  • Perfect for balancing the temper
  • Increases patience
  • Helps quiet the mind in meditation
  • Helps you reach deeper levels of spiritual growth

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