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7.5" diameter - 8mm beads

Lodalite has a number of different names like Garden Quartz or Shaman Quartz. Each stone has it's own internal landscape.

This stone brings extremely strong healing energies so that deep emotional healing can take place.

This will connect you with past lives so you can reclaim your talents, gifts, and abilities whilst putting to rest what has never been meant to serve you. This will also ignite emotional healing from any past life you revisit so you can have a deeper understanding of yourself in this life.

Lodalite will bring clear visions and messages from other realms. It will enhance your psychic abilities and have you lucid dreaming thus improving your communication with the Spirit Realm.

Having a hard time meditating? Lodalite will make it easier for you to transition from chaos to calmness so you can connect deeper and go inward.

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