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Mother Moon - Divine Feminine Candle

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The Mother Moon Candle of the Mother Realm Collection will cascade you in the scents of Sycamore Sage and Sandalwood Rose.

Infused with healing energy, flowers, and crystals, this candle deepens your connection to the Divine Feminine when lit. Set your intention to allow yourself to be open enough where you'll bring yourself into alignment with what is the best possible outcome for your Highest Self.

Light this candle when meditating to connect with your Higher Self and fill your being up with more of your own essence and receive guidance.

Other uses: Light for protection and to clear your space. Great for Full + New Moon ceremonies. Use your intuition and intention to light it when you feel most guided to.

I like to light this candle during healing and guided mediations. I love the energy of this candle as it helps calm and transmute unwanted energy that we may have picked up throughout our day and clears our space, living or working.

Crystals Inside: Aquamarine + Clear Quartz

Keep crystals after burning. Candle has a 60 hour burn time. Please follow burning instructions.

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