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Also known as "Fools Gold' and the stone of Willpower. This beauty will activate your Divine Masculinity, which is the right side of your body. This will open up the Solar Plexus allowing more room for Spiritual growth and evolvement and less of the unwanted chatter we sometimes have going on. Pyrite is like a businessman, gets right down to it. Intend with Pyrite what it is you want and it will get to working on it for ya, creating that space to bring in those lucky opportunities and new ways to bring cash.

Pyrite is famous for its luck and manifestations so you'll definitely want to keep some in your office, when journaling, doing any sort of manifesting like visualization, or vision boards to write down what you see yourself doing and how much money you're making. If it's more deep meaning relationships you're after then hold that intent. Whatever you want to surround yourself more of.

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