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Rainbow Aura Quartz Points Green + Blue

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Rainbow Aura Quartz Points

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Rainbow Aura Quartz is associated with the element Storm and all of the Chakras. Quartz is known as the master healer so it's no surprise this Rainbow Aura will amplify intentions, clears, cleanses, heals, and increases memory enhancement.

It promotes clarity on all levels. Enhances communication with your Spirit Guides, and helps open up psychic abilities.

It opens up all of the Chakras and other energy pathways, bringing it into alignment. This enlightens and expands the auric field.

Rainbow Aura lends itself to clairvoyance and clairsentient uses, and can assist with developing aura or subtle body reading abilities.

Other benefits:

  • Brings insight and healing to dysfunctional relationships
  • helps to release deep resentments, grief and karmic ties.

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