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Raw Amazonite

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AA GRADE CRYSTALS Large 1-2" in size

1 stone per order

Amazonite is a deeply stimulating stone for the Heart and Throat Chakras.

It's a stone of harmony, both for self and others. It's gentle in it's energy as it helps one step out into their own and speak with clarity and truth. Always coming from a place of love, bringing both inner and outer peace. Will assist in setting healthy boundaries.

Amazonite will bring dreams into focus. Because it is a stone of truth, it will help you trust your own intuition more and help turn your dreams a reality.

This stone is a magnifier of our intentions. When working from the Heart and Throat Chakras one must be coming from a place of good intent and speak the truth aloud from a place of compassion and integrity. It will help you be mindful of the words you speak and the thoughts and feelings you hold.

Can be used to assist in healing or recovering from injury or surgery, can help to grow and make strong hair and nails, and can alleviate stress.

Use this stone during meditation to bring oneself into alignment with all the energies that be.

Great for opening and clearing Heart and Throat Chakra in a very gentle way.

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