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Raw Shungite

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Shungite is about detoxification, purification, and protection. It clears the physical body of any negative debris to create room for the light body to integrate. When light is emanating from us, it aligns us with our highest potential.

Shungite helps you move past procrastination, self sabotaging behaviors, and helps with focus. You’ll be able to get things done without the overwhelm and stress. Remember, Shungite is the stone of truth so you won’t be comfortable with any falsehood around you, the place you're working or any toxic negative behavior. It will assist in a healthy workspace whether home or on sight.

Because of the unique structure of Shungite, containing fullerenes, it could help people who are extra sensitive to these energies and for people who are overexposed to them.

You can place Shungite not only on your desk between you and your computer, you can place it near your TV’s, charging stations, microwaves, Wifi router, so it can neutralize the EMFs coming from there too.

You can also wear Shungite to keep your energy field protected.

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