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Rhodonite Tumbled Stones

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AA GRADE CRYSTALS Small 0.50-1" in size

Ethically sourced from Madagascar

2 stones per order

Rhodonite promotes energy of Love and helps one rediscover their own inner gifts. Will give clarity to experiences lived and make it easier to understand messages and symbols behind one's dreams.

Works really well in conjunction to other heart stones such as Rose Quartz and Pink Calcite.

Rhodonite will help you understand your life's purpose. It will create space to allow you to overflow your vessel with your own energy. A great stone to work with when manifesting as it brings dreams and desires to reality quickly.

This is a stone of self worth and aids in feeling adequate and good enough. Will support in weightloss, detoxification, and purification. It stimulates and strengthens the organs allowing the body to run more effectively.

Work with this stone when you're ready to move past old hurts and traumas as it will support you on your journey of spiritual healing and self discovery and love.

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