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Spiritually Bitchslapped Candle

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14.5OZ 100% SOY WAX

BITCHSLAPPED is your daily dose of Self and knowing your worth.

Infused with healing energy and crystals, this candle deepens your connection to your own being and supports staying in tune and true to who you really are. Sometimes we need a reality check in doing so.

Set your intention and allow yourself to be open enough to where you'll be able to bring yourself into alignment with your highest potential.

Light this candle when meditating to connect with your Higher Self. Be kind and gentle and hold compassion for yourself with where you are now. Know that you are of love and are deserving. This is to remind you that you are special and have what it takes.

Other uses: Light for protection and to clear your space. Great for Full + New Moon ceremonies. Use your intuition and intention to light it when you feel most guided to.

Crystals Inside: Blue Apatite, Clear Quartz + Rose Quartz

Scents: imagine the creamiest cocoa ever with warm vanilla keeping you cozy under the softest blankets.

Please follow burning instructions.

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