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Messages from Spirit

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Messages from Spirit

Intuitive Insights and Connection

Thursday, October 26th

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST

via Zoom

Just in time for Halloween when the veil is the thinnest.

I will be your guide as we set the stage for a profound journey of connecting with the spirit realm during our "Messages from Spirit" event.

Allow yourself to be immersed in this unique experience—a tapestry of intuitive insights, messages, and connections that transcend the veil between our world and the ethereal.

As we embark on this mystical voyage, we'll create an environment conducive to receiving messages from spirit guides, departed loved ones, and higher wisdom. Through guided meditation, we'll unlock doors to inner realms, facilitating communication and understanding that transcends our ordinary perception.

Much like aligning Chakras, this event is about harmonizing our receptive energies to open pathways for messages from beyond. When we bridge the realms, we open the possibility for insights that can illuminate our paths, offer solace, and provide clarity in the realms of the unseen.

Through this guided experience, I invite you to be open in the heart and in the mind. Take whatever resonates and leave the rest.

Event Benefits:

  • Gain insights and guidance from the spiritual realm.
  • Connect with departed loved ones and spirit guides.
  • Experience a sense of support and validation in your spiritual journey.
  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of intuitive abilities.

  • Please have a blanket or sweater, notebook, pen, and glass of water available.
  • Find a comfortable place to relax and wear headphones for the best sound.


Please download and install the free app from online or on your phone.

In your confirmation email, you will receive a PDF downloadable link that contains the Zoom meeting information that you will need to join at the time of the meditation and healing.

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