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Amethyst Tumbled Stones

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AA GRADE CRYSTALS Medium 0.75-1.25" in size

Ethically sourced from Brazil

1 stone per order

Amethyst is a necessity in any Lightworker's tool box. It expands the mind and opens up intuition, psychic abilities, and connection to God, Source, The Universe, Higher Realms, etc.

This stone will help you during meditation contain a conscious awareness. It creates a clear channel of communication between you and your Higher Self and it will help deepen your connection.

Amethyst will help you surrender an ego state and enter a 5D awakened state of consciousness, owning your healing powers.

It opens and clears Third Eye and Crown Chakra supporting you while you let go of limiting belief systems and paradigms.

This will help keep you grounded and create a sense of safety being in the physical realm so you know you're not alone in the world and there are other's like you. Helps create a safe space. 

Clears the mind and balances out the nervous system. Supports oxygen to the blood and helps with elimination to keep ones physical and light body clear and cleansed.

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