November 20th Weekly Reading – Lost and Found

November 20th Weekly Reading - Lost and Found


November 20th Weekly Reading – Lost and Found


Can you believe we’re standing at the brink of the month’s end? How swiftly November has unfolded its pages! 🍁 As we reflect on the fleeting moments of this transformative month, the Universe beckons us to embrace the spirit of rediscovery—both in the physical and spiritual realms.


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Now on with our regular scheduled programming…


🔍Lost and Found🌌

In the dance of time, what was once lost is on the brink of being found. If you’ve misplaced something—be it a tangible item or a piece of your spiritual puzzle—summon your angels and guides for assistance. 🕊️ This week offers a celestial invitation to seek guidance from the higher realms. Watch for signs, listen for whispers, and be attuned to the subtle nudges that may lead you to the rediscovery you’ve been seeking.


Your celestial companions might encourage practicality, urging you to retrace your steps methodically. Alternatively, buried memories may resurface, carrying with them a comforting warmth that emanates from the depths of your heart. It’s a gentle reminder that losing things, whether physical or emotional, can be a natural part of the cosmic order. Some attachments are healthy, serving their purpose for a season, while others may hinder your growth. This week encourages a discerning eye—know when to let go and when to hold on.


💧Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk🥛

Life’s tapestry often unfolds unforeseen spills, symbolizing moments when people, places, or things no longer serve a purpose. As the saying goes, don’t cry over spilled milk; instead, wipe it up and move forward. 🧹 This week nudges you to release the grip on what has been lost, for in the act of letting go, you make space for new blessings to flow in. It’s a cosmic lesson in resilience and the art of embracing the ebb and flow of life.


👋Old Friends and Rekindled Bonds🌈

Amidst the whirlwind of November’s energies, anticipate the return of familiar faces. An unexpected call or a check-in from an old friend might grace your days, bringing a wave of joy as you reconnect and share the chapters of your respective journeys. 📞 These reunions are not mere coincidences; they are cosmic orchestrations, weaving threads of connection back into the fabric of your life.


As you welcome these resurfacing connections, pay heed to the signs from your Spirit Team. 🌠 Their guidance is intertwined with the unfolding narrative of your life. In the midst of the whirlwind, their whispers become a compass, pointing you toward the paths that align with your higher purpose.


🌀November’s Whirlwind🌬️

With so much unfolding around you, it’s natural to feel caught in a whirlwind of emotions and experiences. Take a moment to ground yourself, anchoring to the present and finding solace in the midst of chaos. 🧘‍♀️ The whirlwind may be swift, but within it lies the potential for growth, self-discovery, and the unveiling of your authentic self.


As November’s pages turn, remember that each twist and turn is a part of your unique journey. Embrace the lost and found, release what no longer serves, and cherish the reconnections that grace your path. The whirlwind may be wild, but within its dance lies the rhythm of your soul’s evolution.


May this week be a tapestry woven with rediscoveries, reconnections, and the gentle guidance of your celestial companions.


With Crystals & Cosmic Blessings,


Your Trusted Guide to Healing and Personal Growth