January 8th Weekly Reading – Emotional Fulfillment at Home

January 8th Weekly Reading - Emotional Fulfillment at Home


January 8th Weekly Reading – Emotional Fulfillment at Home


Hello Hello Sweet Friends, Welcome to 2024! I hope this message finds you in good spirits as we step into the new and exciting unfolding chapters of the new year. 🎉 This week’s energy is beckoning us to focus on the delicate art of regulating our nervous system and creating a harmonious balance tailored to our unique needs.


🌬️ Finding Rest in the Hustle

The frantic pace of modern life can often leave us feeling breathless, caught in a cycle of panic and anxiety. This year, let’s set the intention to resist the rush and instead prioritize our well-being. Discover the magic that unfolds when you allow your body and mind the rest they deserve. Remember, true productivity and harmony emerge when we find the right balance between work and rest.


🚦 Procrastination vs. Productivity

Striking the right balance doesn’t just mean avoiding overworking; it also entails putting an end to procrastination. If you’ve been delaying important tasks, it’s time to kick that habit to the curb. Embrace the energy of the present moment, and witness how a harmonious approach to work and play enhances both your energy and productivity.


💑 Emotional Fulfillment at Home

Home is not just a physical space; it’s where our emotional needs should find solace. Take a moment to evaluate whether your emotional needs, whether from your partner or yourself, are being met. Uncover any recurring patterns and, like an investigative journalist, explore the roots of these patterns. Remember, change begins from within, and by focusing on your role in any situation, you can contribute to a healthier dynamic.


Understanding the dynamics and energy within your home is crucial. Take a moment to assess whether the atmosphere is balanced or leaning towards chaos. If disagreements or arguments arise, make it a priority to cleanse your space. Don’t allow negative energy to linger in the place you call home. Consider your home a sanctuary, treating it with the reverence it deserves. Let it be your safe space, fostering an environment that supports your well-being.


When you have company, it’s essential to implement protective measures around your home, such as placing selenite, black tourmaline, or even salt strategically. Usually in the windows and entryways. These crystals can act as energetic shields, helping to maintain a positive and harmonious atmosphere. Additionally, after your guests leave, take the time to clear the space energetically. It’s worth noting that as you set up these protective measures, you might observe certain individuals canceling their plans to visit. Trust the process, as this is an indication that the energetic safeguards are at work, allowing only those with positive intentions into your sacred space.


Explore the selection of selenite sticks and black tourmaline logs available in my shop for effective energetic protection. If you’re interested, send me an email or message on IG, @neuroticmommy or @motherrealm, and I’ll be happy to show you the variety of options I have for creating a shield of positive energy in your space.


🌑 New Moon in Capricorn – Breath of Fresh Air

On January 11th, we’re blessed with the first New Moon in Capricorn, offering a breath of fresh air and a chance for new beginnings. Embrace the healing energy of nature, particularly the mighty trees. Become a “tree activist” by connecting with the grounding vibrations of the earth and the wisdom held in the ancient branches. This connection will serve as a powerful catalyst to manifest your dreams into reality. So pull out your crystals and let the magic happen.


🌿 Cultivate Your Inner Garden

As we navigate the weeks ahead, let’s focus on cultivating our inner balance, and nurturing the garden within. Be mindful of triggers, recognizing them as signposts pointing toward areas that need your attention and healing. Remember, happiness is an inside job, and the journey inward will illuminate the path to an abundant and harmonious life.


🌌 Ascension Symptoms – Navigating the Energetic Waves 🎶

Amidst the transformative energies of 2024, you might find yourself experiencing ascension symptoms. 🌌 This cosmic melody often brings forth heightened vibrations, triggering various sensations as your body recalibrates to new frequencies.  During times of increased energy, you may experience symptoms such as panic attacks (hello, hi, it’s me) and heightened anxiety. Embrace these sensations as signs of your inner transformation, akin to the ebb and flow of a cosmic symphony. Your body is adapting to the influx of higher energies, propelling you toward a more elevated state of being. As you navigate these energetic waves, remember that these symptoms are temporary, leading to a harmonious alignment of mind, body, and spirit. Trust the process and allow the ascension energies to guide you toward a higher state of consciousness. Always do what makes you comfortable.


With every cosmic wave, embrace the transformative energies and navigate the journey with authenticity and self-love. Let 2024 be the year you break free from old patterns, resonate with higher frequencies, and embrace the symphony of your ascension.


I’m here to support you on your journey.


In Radiant Harmony,


Your Trusted Guide to Healing and Personal Growth