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Health Coaching

Living a healthy balanced life is not a trend or style, it’s our birthright.” — Jennifer R. Rossano

Are you a woman who feels stuck? Looking to have a better relationship with food? Dreaming of finding balance in life but don’t know how? Need structure and organization? NM Health Coaching may be the right place for you to start picking up healthy habits.


If you are:

  • Someone who has done every diet in the book and still unable to lose weight
  • Have a complicated relationship with food that impacts the rest of your life
  • Seeking a life balance between work / motherhood / marriage / self
  • Looking to take your mindset and sense of self to the next level
  • Needs an energetic detox

Then I invite you to join me in a NeuroticMommy Health Coaching Consultation!

What is health coaching?

  • Health Coaching is a program geared to support you in feeling your best through food and lifestyle changes. We don’t believe in “one program fits all” philosophy; we tailor individualized programs to meet your personalized needs.
  • We support and educate you in achieving your health goals through lifestyle and behavioral adjustments.
  • We help you cultivate positive health choices

Why NM Health Coaching?

Relationships, exercise, career and mindset are just as important to your health as the food you eat. If anyone gets you it’s me. As a neurotic mom, wife, and business woman who went off the deep end, I can relate.

I take a holistic approach to supporting you as a whole person. NM Health Coaching is about finding balance amidst all areas of life. We focus not only on food; oftentimes we pinpoint lifestyle habits that get to shift and work together on making behavioral changes.

My work with you is based on years of experience researching and writing about holistic living, developing plant-based healthy recipes that anyone can make, and education in Health Coaching through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

“Changes and breaking old habits don’t happen overnight. Each new day you will implement the tools we give you to make better choices. Remember that even small steps lead to big changes.”

What’s Included?

  1. One 60 minutes of 1-on-1 Health Coaching Call with Jennifer
  2. A thorough examination of your health history, uncovering your health obstacles, and discussing your vision for overall wellness
  3. Identifying essential next steps to take you to the next level in your health (mind, body, and spirit)

What Do You Get?

  1. One Page Report on personalized steps to take to immediately get started on your holistic health
  2. Handouts with tools on developing healthy habits with yourself, food and your surroundings
  3. Complimentary copy of Jennifer’s Holistic Living: The Not So Complicated Guide To Living Naturally In A Processed World e-Book

*Ongoing, one-on-one coaching session with Jennifer are available for those individuals who would like additional guidance, accountability and support to execute each piece of their plan.

Bonus – you can apply the fee for your consultation towards future one-on-one coaching sessions.


How Do I Get Started? 

  1. Schedule your consultation using our calendar system
  2. Make payment for consultation via Visa, MasterCard or PayPal
  3. Complete your personalized health questionnaire 24 hours before your scheduled consultation

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