February 19th Weekly Reading – Pisces Season

February 19th Weekly Reading - Pisces Season


February 19th Weekly Reading – Pisces Season


Welcome to the enchanting waters of Pisces Season! As your Pisces BFF, I’m thrilled to guide you through the waves that promise a rollercoaster of emotions and profound spiritual connections. Dreams, our mystical messengers, continue to tell us tales from other lives, offering us glimpses into lives unseen. Pisces, known for its mysticism and deep emotional healing, invites you to connect with your higher self and explore realms previously uncharted. Let’s dive into the cosmic revelations of this week, including the approaching Full Moon in Virgo on February 24th, a spiritual mirror reflecting our denials and offering us a chance for powerful transformation.


🐟Pisces Season🌌

Ah, Pisces Season! A time when the cosmic currents align with the mystical and compassionate energies of the Piscean waters. As your Piscean confidant, I understand the rollercoaster of emotions you’re experiencing. Pisces, the intuitive and empathetic dreamers of the zodiac, pave the way for emotional healing and spiritual growth. During this season, expect a profound connection with your higher self and a journey into realms yet unexplored. Allow the Piscean energies to wash over you, cleansing and guiding you toward deeper self-discovery.


💤Dreams as Messengers📜

Our dreams, those enigmatic time capsules into other lives, continue to serve as messengers from the cosmos. As Pisces takes the cosmic stage, dreams become intricate tales offering insights into our spiritual journeys. Pay close attention to the symbols and narratives woven into your dreams this season—they are whispers from the Universe, guiding you toward a deeper understanding of your soul’s path. They may be so intense they feel extra real. 


To enhance your dream experiences, consider creating a dream journal. Documenting your dreams upon waking helps unlock their hidden meanings and establishes a profound connection with the cosmic energies surrounding you. I’ve spoken on this before in past readings so if you haven’t started one, now is the time!


🌕The Full Moon in Virgo♍

The upcoming Full Moon in Virgo, gracing the canvas on February 24th, promises to be a big cosmic revelation. It acts as a mirror, reflecting aspects of our lives that may be veiled by denial or overlooked. The energy of Virgo encourages us to examine our habits, especially those we may have been denying or downplaying. This lunar event is a potent opportunity for self-reflection and overcoming temptations that hinder our growth.


As the Full Moon approaches, take a moment to identify any habits or patterns you’ve been reluctant to acknowledge. Embrace the power within you to overcome these challenges, for once you do, the floodgates to manifestation will swing open. This Full Moon serves as a clean slate—a cosmic reset button. Release what no longer serves you, and witness the overflow of manifestations beyond your wildest dreams.


🍃Letting Go and Creating Anew🌸

The energy surrounding this Full Moon calls for a release of stagnant energy and a willingness to let go of what holds you back. If there are lingering attachments or situations from the past months, now is the time to release them. Stagnant energy can impede your progress and growth, creating a barrier to the abundant possibilities the Universe has in store for you.


In both the metaphorical and literal sense, tend to your garden. Clear away the weeds of doubt and fear, nurture the soil of your soul with self-love, and plant the seeds of your heart’s desires. Create from the depths of your being, and watch the magic unfold as the Universe responds to your intentions.


🌌Support Along the Way💖

As you navigate the cosmic currents of Pisces Season and prepare for the transformative Full Moon in Virgo, remember that I am here to support you every step of the way. Whether you seek guidance in deciphering your dreams or a cosmic companion to share your journey, consider me your Piscean ally.


Working with me as your support system on this cosmic journey ensures a personalized and empathetic guide by your side. With a deep understanding of the celestial energies and an intuitive connection to the mystical realms, I bring a unique perspective to your spiritual exploration. As your cosmic companion, my goal is not only to provide insights but to create a nurturing space for your growth and self-discovery. Together, we’ll navigate the highs and lows, unravel the messages from the Universe, and harness the transformative power of cosmic energies. Your journey is unique, and with my support, you can confidently embrace the cosmic tides, unlocking the potential for healing, manifestation, and a profound connection to your higher self. Let the spiritual adventure unfold, knowing you have a compassionate ally dedicated to empowering you on every step of your path.



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May this week be filled with profound connections, emotional healing, and the magic of letting go to welcome new beginnings.


With Love + Crystals


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