Root chakra 101

Root Chakra 101 –

Part 1 to the 7 Part Chakra Series

In Root Chakra 101 we will go over all you need to know on how to balance, unblock, align, and heal your Root Chakra. This is part one of the Chakra Series and the Root Chakra is the first of the seven main Chakras that we will talk about today. Are you excited? Good, me too because I love talking about the energetic, auric field and help you gain some insight on your own energy body. 

The power of balancing + aligning the Root Chakra will activate:

  • Solid Foundations
  • Financial Security
  • Feeling less irritable
  • Stability and Security
  • Financial Abundance
  • Open to Divine Feminine 
  • More clarity and decisiveness
  • Connection with Mother Earth
  • Less worry and less confusion
  • Ease aggressiveness, anger, or rage
  • More willing to let go of the need for control
  • Help you heal from past relationships and insecurities
  • Better control or less cravings for sugar and processed foods

root chakra 101


The Muladhara or Root Chakra is located at the perineum and encompasses the pelvic floor, and the first 3 vertebrae in your spine. Most commonly you will be directed “to the base of your spine”. The color correlated to the Root Chakra is Ruby Red. This is our deepest connection to the Earth and first Chakra activated when we are born. When balanced, healing, unblocked, activated or open, you will have clarity to where you can easily make decisions and trust yourself more. You will feel more safe and secure. Safe in your own body and safe in the world around you.

You will have the desire to keep your physical body healthy and stay grounded and connected. Your self-doubt and limiting beliefs will be worked through and recognized with ease and grace as not to spiritually bypass your own stuff that needs clearing but to work through it and allow it to move through you and out of you to be transmuted back into the Universe.

An Unbalanced Root Chakra

When the Root Chakra is out of alignment you will feel unloved, sexually inadequate, frustrated with life, fearful, anxious, depressed, shy, unsure, timid, bossy, domineering, big ego, greedy, violent, and cunning.

A Balanced Root Chakra 

When the Root Chakra is balanced you will feel grounded, centered, belonging, trusting, independent, secure, and excited for the journey of life!

root chakra 101

Anatomy + The Root Chakra

The organs associated with The Root Chakra are the spine, bladder, blood, kidneys, male reproductive organs, vagina, legs, and feet.  It is important to maintain balance in the first chakra because this is the one that supports and helps you clear and align all of your other chakras moving up your central energy line.

Your Foundation of Self

The Root Chakra is the foundation of Self. Stability and security are what we all need and also want. Spend time meditating on your Root Chakra so you can see how it feels when it’s flowing the way it should be and watch your spiritual self grow faster than you would ever think! You want spiritual enlightenment? Then meditate on your Root Chakra. You want to grow spiritually and hit new levels of ascension? Work on your Root Chakra first.

Being human and in this physical realm we need basic human things to survive like water, food, shelter, and safety. We need our emotional needs met as well. Things like feeling accepted or belonging. That all starts with self first. You will never feel accepted or wanted by the outside world if your own inner world doesn’t accept you or love your first!

root chakra 101

Our Energy Centers

We have 7 main Chakras. But we have even more than that. We have Chakra points in our feet, hands, and even in our ears. There are Chakras in and around our auric field. Energy centers all over our body and around us.

Each Chakra is made up of 7 layers, and those 7 layers have 7 more layers and so on and so on. It’s infinite because it is energy. We are energy and we are infinite. We go beyond our physical bodies.

When the Root Chakra is out of balance all of our other energy centers are too so it’s important to maintain balance. If you’re new to balancing and clearing your Chakras or just about Chakras in general, the Root Chakra is a great place to start.


How You Can Heal The Root Chakra

Start with meditation, even walking or active meditation. Then stretching, stretching that lower region will help you clear stagnant energy too. Physical movement is so important even just walking or getting outside in some way to ground in nature.

Working with a healer and starting healing sessions like Chakra Clearings, Reiki, or Past Life Regressions. Having a support system on your spirit journey is key because we all need support!

Keep your space clean and decluttered. Remove dust, cobwebs and anything else that bugs you and doesn’t serve you. I’m telling you, once you start implementing healing the Root Chakra your fear of never having enough will dissipate. Your fear of the rug being pulled from under you will suddenly no longer be there. You will trust yourself and God, Source, The Universe , however you call it, and just know things are aligning in your favor.

There will be a clear knowing that when things seem to be not working n your favor, it’s not because it’s not meant for you but because you’re being Divinely Guided in a different direction where what you’re looking for is going to happen in an even more magical and abundant way, and also that you’re being protected. 

Implementing any of this his is a practice, something we all have to work on everyday. It’s like building a muscle, then once you build the muscle you maintain it.


Letting Go

Let go of perfection. Bring awareness to your ego self. You have to honor all parts of self even the shadow parts. The parts that make us uncomfortable. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable at times while you face your own truths and things you need to work on. Sit with yourself and ask yourself questions. Don’t try to hide from these parts of yourself, embrace them. To love all of you in key and to be fully embodied is to be fully present. 

These are the ways you bring yourself, your whole self, not just your physical self but mind, body, spirit into alignment. Into harmonization. 

Practicing Yin or Restorative Yoga to help regulate your nervous system and bring that back into regulation. Pay attention to all of these things about yourself. 

root chakra 101

By you being here reading this or even opening up to an email with this information, this is not by chance. You are being guided on your journey and I’m happy to be of service in any way I can to help you learn more of who you are and what you’re capable of.  

Sending you all Love, Abundance + Many Crystal Blessings

With Love + Crystals,