Crystals for Abundance

crystals for abundance

Crystals for Abundance

Abundance in all positive ways is our birthright! It’s common for a lot of us to think that to be successful or bring in abundance we have to work ourselves to the bone or burn the candle from both ends. Well, I’m here to tell you that that’s not the case and I’m actually living proof of that!


Abundance in all positive ways is our BIRTHRIGHT! 

Yes, those stories are what will keep you stuck, feeling like you’re just running on a hamster wheel. These belief systems and paradigms have been ingrained in us from very early on. It’s not any fault of our own or even those who may have planted them there to begin with. We really can’t fault someone when they don’t even have an awareness of what they’re doing when they don’t really even know better themselves.   

What does any of this have to do with crystals you might ask. Well crystals for me and in my experience have been my support system. I set my clear intentions on what I want or what I need help with, and they support me in the way that I need them. And I’m going to teach you which crystals to work with for abundance and how to use them for that purpose.

“Crystals are food for the soul”

You can look at it like this: The same way you eat food to fuel or enhance your physical body, crystals are food for the soul. They come filled with magic and light to enhance us from our core and put us in alignment with the best version of ourselves. Like duuuuh, who doesn’t want more of that, amirite!?
Working with crystals for abundance in any capacity are the perfect tools to help you with transforming your mindset of one of lack, to there “is always enough”. You, just like me, are deserving of living our absolute best lives and we are most definitely deserving of living a life in an abundance of happiness. I guess the question is why NOT use crystals? There is no foul, no harm in bringing in more troops and alliances to help support us on our journey. 


Here are some of my go to Crystals for Abundance

  • Carnelian
  • Sunstone
  • Pyrite
  • Citrine
  • Tigers Eye
  • Green Aventurine

crystals for abundance


Known as the Joy + Abundance stone this is going to bring in more of what feels good to you. Carnelian supports a strong sense of worth, vibrant energy, motivation, and will have you feeling on top of the world as you take actionable steps towards your goals. Carnelian is about making things happen, getting this done, and working in alignment with your soul’s purpose. 

You can carry Carnelian with you, keep it in your office, put a piece in your wallet or purse. Meditate with it on your Root or Sacral Chakra and set the intention ” I am open to receiving abundance in all positive ways and blessings that are meant for me.”

Side note: Carnelian will also put in a vibrational alignment with a romantic partner. If you’re already in a relationship then Carnelian can elevate your status to a more deeper, intimate level, soulmates or even higher.

crystals for abundance


THE manifestation stone, your new crystal BFF. Sunstone will have you feeling happy, positive, optimistic, and have you doing things girl, you may not have otherwise even considered doing! Talk about stepping outside of your comfort zone, Yes Sir! Sunstone is that stone that comes in when you’re feeling like all hope is lost and you’re not good enough. She will clear away those hurts and fill you up with so much Sun-LIGHT, it will make your head spin. Picture it like a gentle kick in the ass too. Gentle and loving and maybe with a little bit of sas. 

Sunstone you can wear as jewelry, keep on you, in your office, in your room, wherever you want to feel more light and more fun loving energy. Meditate with Sunstone on your Sacral Chakra and set the intention, “I claim my power and move beyond all limitations.”

crystals for abundance


Also known as “Fools Gold’ and the stone of Willpower. This beauty will activate your Divine Masculinity, which is the right side of your body. This will open up the Solar Plexus allowing more room for Spiritual growth and evolvement and less of the unwanted chatter we sometimes have going on. Pyrite is like a businessman, gets right down to it. Intend with Pyrite what it is you want and it will get to working on it for ya, creating that space to bring in those lucky opportunities and new ways to bring cash. 

Pyrite is famous for its luck and manifestations so you’ll definitely want to keep some in your office, when journaling, doing any sort of manifesting like visualization, or  vision boards to write down what you see yourself doing and how much money you’re making. If it’s more deep meaning relationships you’re after then hold that intent. Whatever you want to surround yourself more of.

Meditate with Pyrite on your Solar Plexus and use the energy of the sun to strengthen your energetic core. Set the intention, “I am prosperous in all aspects of my life.”

crystals for abundance


Stone of abundance + creativity, and raises self awareness and self confidence. In turn leaving you actually making decisions with confidence and ease! Whaaaat! Can you imagine a life of everything working in your favor!? Um, I sure can, Whoop Whoop!

Citrine will support you moving past the ego and its fears, enhancing your expression of self. Who even are you now!? Amazing, amazing. You will manifest your hearts desires in rapid speed, trying to keep up with yourself and all this new abundance. This is about driving personal growth and we ain’t stopping. Allow this crystal to open you up to success and happiness and know that you can achieve anything.

Drape yourself in citrine (we have really beautiful Citrine bracelets), pairs so well with all the other crystals mentioned in this post for abundance x100! Another one to use while manifesting, journaling, grounding, and setting intentions. Simply hold it in your hand or place it on top of your journal. Set the intention, “I am filled with power of positive energy, happiness, and success, I move forward in Abundance!”

crystals for abundance

Tigers Eye 

This is the stone of wisdom, empowerment, and courage among other things. Tigers eye is very enthusiastic and will basically see you fulfilling your goals before you do. It’s about the bigger picture, the highest potential in all things and will give you the courage and drive to move you forward. BUT it is also practical in the sense if you’re working from ego it will not drive that forward. Your passion and compassion must be genuine.

Tigers Eye works with the Solar Plexus like Pyrite and will protect you from lower vibrating energies from the outside world but even from yourself. You can place Tigers Eye at your front door, your office, or kids room. Meditate with Tiger’s Eye on your Solar Plexus, then set the intention, “I release fear and anxiety so I can grow.”

crystals for abundance

Green Aventurine 

The stone of opportunity and also harmonization, bringing all the pieces together to form a beautiful, bright abundant whole! Green Aventurine helps you work through unresolved emotional issues so that you can step into your true power. 

When stepping into your truest power you cannot NOT attract abundance and wealth. You cannot NOT be lucky. People will gravitate towards you because they won’t be able to understand just how you seem to always be at the right place and at the right time! They will be all like “I’m having what she’s having”, thank you! 

And remember we are talking abundance in all positive ways so not just the beautiful energy of money but also relationships, love, laughter, and the like! 

Directly correlated with the Heart Chakra, you can wear a necklace that’s close to your heart. You can even place your gems on your altar or sacred space. Keep it in your office or near your bed, somewhere you can see it everyday. Meditate with Green Aventurine on your Heart Chakra and set the intention “My heart is open and receptive to love, it is safe for me to be in alignment with all that is good, claiming my highest power!”

In the most loving conclusion

Remember that happiness is a state of consciousness and comes from within. When we stay open in the heart and in the mind, we put ourselves in alignment with abundance in all ways!! Money is amazing but so is love, joy, forgiveness, compassion, health and wellbeing! Abundance can mean a lot of different things for people but one thing we all have in common is that abundance in ALL positive ways is where it’s at and the clear knowing that we deserve this, well, that’s unprecedented. 

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Happy Healing!

With Love + Crystals,