3 Crystals That Should Be On Your Desk

Three Crystals That Should Be On Your Desk

Whether you work from home or have a designated spot at the office these are 3 Crystals That Should Be On Your Desk, and here’s why.

We are sitting in front of our computers, our phones, tv’s and other electronics daily. Literally we are having some sort of screen time from the moment we wake up until the time we go to bed. During this time we are exposed to all sorts of lowering vibrations and frequencies, EMF from these devices is among the many. 

Not only that, but dealing with the stress of work, other people, and juggling our own responsibility can drain our energy, throw us off kilter, in turn leaving us unrooted and not grounded. 

When we are not grounded we experience massive fatigue, headaches, uncertainty, frustration, and even fear. This is where anxiety will arise and you’ll not feel like yourself. You won’t be able to make clear decisions because there’s too much chaos going on inward that stemmed from the outer forces around you.

Setting up your desk with these three crystals will help minimize those unwanted effects, keeping us clear, centered, and grounded. 

Keep in mind the crystals I’m talking about in this post are solely for your desk, not your entire office or workspace. I will write a whole other post on crystal placement in the office so for now let’s keep our focus on the desk. 

Let’s get into it…



Three Crystals That Should Be On Your Desk

Shungite is about detoxification, purification, and protection. It clears the physical body of any negative debris to create room for the light body to integrate. When light is emanating from us, it aligns us with our highest potential. 

This stone clears the body of chaos at a molecular level. Shungite will help ground you to Gaia giving you a strong sense of connection, while shielding you from less desirable energies. (aka maybe someone you work with.)

Shungite helps you move past procrastination, self sabotaging behaviors, and helps with focus. You’ll be able to get things done without the overwhelm and stress. Remember, Shungite is the stone of truth so you won’t be comfortable with any falsehood around you, the place you’re working or any toxic negative behavior. It will assist in a healthy workspace whether home or on sight. 

And it’s in my opinion the number one reason Shungite is so important for the desk is because it’s known for its ability to absorb and neutralize negative, toxic electromagnetic radiation from all of our devices.

Because of the unique structure of Shungite, containing fullerenes, it could help people who are extra sensitive to these energies and for people who are overexposed to them. 

You can place Shungite not only on your desk between you and your computer, you can place it near your TV’s, charging stations, microwaves, Wifi router, so it can neutralize the EMFs coming from there too. 

You can also wear Shungite to keep your energy field protected.


Three Crystals That Should Be On Your Desk

Another stone known for its purification and protection, Black Tourmaline transmutes negative energy. Whether coming from the outside world or from your own inner world with negative self talk, beliefs and patterns that aren’t serving you.

This will not leave heavy, dense stagnant energy in your field. In my experience, Black Tourmaline creates a conveyor belt of protection and clearing around you. So whatever is coming in is being neutralized so you’re not being bombarded with lower frequencies that will unground you. 

Black Tourmaline is extremely grounding. It will help to combat stress, worry, over analyzation, and even OCD. It supports confidence, trust in self, stability, and personal power. 

Another crystal that facilitates focus but also allows you to contribute to what you’re doing without negative attachments. So for instance, leaving work and not bringing work home with you, leaving work responsibilities at the office. 

When working in this way you set up healthy boundaries for yourself and you stick with them. When challenges arise in the workplace you’ll be better equipped to handle them. You’ll be standing in your own power, confident enough to know that you’re making a difference and doing your best. Your decisions will come with ease and you’ll have much less stress when you tackle things from his newer, higher perspective. 

Black Tourmaline also absorbs EMFs and will shield you from the negative effects they could have on our bodies in all ways, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

The negative effects can include but are not limited to: 

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • panic attacks
  • weakened immune system
  • high blood pressure
  • and even back pain


Three Crystals That Should Be On Your Desk

Grounding, manifesting and balancing.

Hematite is one of the strongest grounding stones available today. It roots us all the way down to our Earth Star Chakra (below our feet and outside of our physical body), polarizing the soul into the body without losing the connection to Source. 

This stone allows for true self control, and will guide us in making self a priority. The first priority. We have to remember to water our own soil first then we can show up giving our 200% in our family life, work life, relationship life, etc. 

If you’re not prioritizing yourself, you will burn the candle from both ends and feel massive burnout. Then that 200% you want to give out to the world will be more like 10% because you won’t have adequate energy to show up for others if you are not showing up for yourself. 

Hematite is a reminder to take a breath, drink some water,  and set the intention to ground. It’s important to bring balance into your life, it can’t be all work and no play. Allow yourself to have fun and do things that make you happy!

When keeping Hematite on your desk it will support listening more and being less reactive. Things will not irritate you as much. You can voice your ideas, concerns, etc eloquently and with grace so you too are being heard and listened to. 

If you’re at work and you’re dealing with feeling stagnant, confused, or even flaky, hematite will help you root down into a more solid foundation. Hematite supports troubleshooting and finding solutions to problems. 

When you’re grounded you won’t feel lethargic, you’ll feel ready to take actionable steps towards your own personal goals and whatever checklist you have to get through at work. But having a balance again of work life and home life is important. 

Working with Hematite will also clear any negative thoughts, energies and anything that doesn’t serve you for your greatest good. Picture yourself like a mountain, rooted down into the Earth with your peak high into the sky, so strong and so steady. This is metaphorically speaking, you are the mountain, rooted down without losing your connection to your Higher Self. 


All of these stones working together will harmonize with each other and amplify their support system for  you. Having even just one of these stones on your desk will help protect and shield you, ground, and transmute negative energy that is dense and heavy and of no purpose to you. They all have a common denominator; they are all grounding, EMF absorbent, stabilizing, and balancing stones. Each one doing its part to keep you in alignment and clear of the clutter in all aspects of mind, body, spirit. 

Check in with yourself after about a week and see how you feel having one or all of these stones on your desk. You will have a sense of stability, balance, and watching your life manifest itself into what you want, not the wants of those around you.

You’ll create a healthy work environment for yourself. You’ll be able to get tasks done with ease, confidence and grace. Living your life to the fullest and keeping your responsibilities in the right compartments. 

By putting yourself first, maybe even sometimes giving yourself a mental health day, to recharge your own battery so that you can show up and give that 200% like you want to without feeling like you have to prove yourself or worth to anyone. 

You know you’re an asset, let the crystals support you. 

Three Crystals That Should Be On Your Desk, you can use tumbles, spheres, pyramids, points, plates, bracelets, necklaces, phone cases to protect your space and yourself. 

OMG there’s even Shungite paint if you really wanted to take things to the next level, lol. Not gonna lie, I have toyed with the idea. 

With Love + Crystals,