September 25th Weekly Reading – Grounding, Libra Season, and the Full Moon in Aries

September 25th Weekly Reading - Grounding, Libra Season, and the Full Moon in Aries


September 25th Weekly Reading – Grounding, Libra Season, and the Full Moon in Aries


Hello, Dear Souls of MotherRealm,


I apologize for the slight delay in sharing this week’s reading. We were so busy packing orders from our crystal shop it completely got ahead of me! However, I am back to give you your weekly reading!


As a new week dawns upon us, it’s time to explore the energies shaping our path. Our journey takes us through grounding practices, the arrival of Libra season, and the impactful Full Moon in Aries on September 29th. Let’s dive into the wisdom of the cosmos. 🌙✨


A Week of Mindful Grounding

This week, the Universe calls us to be mindful of our connection to the Earth. Grounding is our anchor to the present moment, a practice that keeps us rooted in reality and centered in our being. When we’re ungrounded, we may feel scattered, anxious, or disconnected. It’s like floating in the ether without a tether to the physical world. To ground ourselves, we can turn to meditation, nature walks, or the support of grounding crystals such as Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Hematite, Loadstone, and Smokey Quartz. These gems are like Earth’s embrace, helping us find stability amid life’s whirlwinds.


Choices from the Heart, Not Fear

In this period of Libra season, we navigate the delicate dance of balance and harmony. The energies can feel chaotic at times, akin to an organized chaos that challenges us to make choices from the heart. Libra encourages us to seek equilibrium in our decisions, ensuring they resonate with our true selves. Let your choices be guided by love and authenticity, rather than fear or external pressures. Trust your inner compass to lead you toward the paths aligned with your soul’s purpose.


The Full Moon in Aries: Universal Tests

On September 29th, the Full Moon graces us with its luminous presence in the fiery sign of Aries. This event brings with it a series of universal tests. Staying attuned to the higher frequencies and avoiding lower vibrating behaviors is essential. Engaging in negativity or conflict will only lower your own frequency and disrupt your alignment with your true self. Use this powerful energy to release old patterns and embrace the courage and assertiveness of Aries. The Full Moon illuminates the way forward, helping you shed the old to make way for the new.


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As we navigate this week’s energies, remember that you are a part of a community dedicated to growth, insight, and transformation. Embrace the grounding practices, seek balance from the heart, and harness the power of the Full Moon to align with your highest self.


With Cosmic Love, Crystals, & Pumpkin Spiced Lattes,


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