New Moon in Virgo & Mercury Retrograde Ends

New Moon in Virgo & Mercury Retrograde Ends


Hello Beautiful Souls,


I trust you are all having a wonderful week filled with much cosmic love and blessings. Before we dive into discussing the New Moon in Virgo and the conclusion of Mercury Retrograde, I’ve got an exciting public service announcement to share. Today at Starbucks, they’re offering a special treat – a buy one, get one free deal on all their delightful fall-inspired drinks! Since we’re besties, I couldn’t resist sharing this with you. It’s a weekly occurrence, exclusively happening every Thursday throughout September. Enjoy! 🍂☕


Ok, back to our regular scheduled programming. Today marks two significant events – the New Moon in Virgo & Mercury Retrograde ends. This powerful alignment offers a unique opportunity for self-reflection, growth, and spiritual transformation. 


The Meaning and Significance

The New Moon in Virgo signifies a fresh start and a time to focus on the Virgo qualities of practicality, organization, and attention to detail. It encourages us to assess our lives, set intentions, and make practical plans for the future. Virgo’s energy promotes healing, purification, and a dedication to self-improvement.


Spiritual Aspects

From a spiritual perspective, this New Moon invites us to connect with our inner selves. It’s a moment to align with the natural rhythms of the Universe and embrace the concept of spiritual hygiene. Consider meditating, journaling, or engaging in mindfulness practices to cultivate a deeper connection with your inner wisdom.


What to Expect with This Energy

During this phase, you may notice heightened awareness of your physical and emotional well-being. It’s a good time to address any health concerns or personal habits that need adjustment. You might also find that your intuition is heightened, aiding in decision-making and problem-solving.


Vivid Dreaming

Additionally, during the New Moon in Virgo, you might notice a surge in vivid and intense dreams. Virgo’s affinity for organization and attention to detail extends even into our subconscious realms. These crazy intense dreams can serve as valuable messages from your inner self, urging you to pay attention to aspects of your life that require order and balance. It’s a reminder that as you embrace the practicality of Virgo’s energy, your dreams can become a source of guidance, offering insights into the areas that need your focused attention. So, take note of these nocturnal adventures, for they may hold the keys to a more organized and harmonious waking life.


Mercury Retrograde Ends

The conclusion of Mercury’s retrograde period signifies a return to smoother communication, reduced technical glitches, and a sense of clarity in our daily lives. It’s an opportune time to revisit any miscommunications or unresolved issues that may have arisen during the retrograde and work toward resolutions. With both the New Moon in Virgo and the conclusion of Mercury retrograde, the Universe is aligning for a period of increased clarity, organization, and forward momentum.


What You Can Work On:

  1. Set Intentions: Write down your goals and intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. Virgo’s energy supports realistic, achievable plans.
  2. Self-Care Rituals: Prioritize self-care routines. Consider a bath with Epsom salts, crystals, and essential oils to cleanse and rejuvenate your body and spirit.
  3. Organize and Declutter: Tackle physical clutter in your surroundings. A clean, organized space can positively impact your mental clarity.
  4. Mindfulness Practices: Engage in meditation or yoga to foster mindfulness and inner peace.
  5. Moon Water: Create moon-charged water by placing a glass of water under the moonlight overnight. Use it for rituals, hydration, or cleansing.
  6. Gratitude Journal: Start a gratitude journal to cultivate a positive mindset.

Remember that the energy of the New Moon lasts a few days, sometimes even longer, so take your time to implement these practices.


Embrace this opportunity for growth and self-improvement that the New Moon in Virgo offers. May these two events bring clarity, healing, and a sense of purpose to your life.


Should you ever require assistance with aligning your goals, managing life’s challenges, or seeking clarity in any aspect of your life, please do not hesitate to schedule a session with me. Together, we can navigate the cosmic and personal transitions, helping you achieve the outcomes you desire while maintaining a sense of balance and well-being. Your success and growth are my top priorities, and I am committed to assisting you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out to book a session whenever you are ready to take the next step toward your aspirations.


Wishing you a transformative and blessed New Moon!


With Love, Crystals, & Pumpkin Spiced Lattes 🎃☕🧊,


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