How to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals

So you have all these crystals and now what? What are you supposed to do with them? You hear of cleansing and charging your crystals but what does that even mean right?! Especially if you’re new to the crystal scene.

There are A LOT of questions that need answers. I’m here to help answer those questions for you in the easiest way I possibly can.

The things we will go over in this post you will be able to implement right away. Clearing and charging your crystals doesn’t have to be everyday but we’ll go over that too, not to worry.


how to cleanse and charge your crystals

Let’s start with your intention. Set your intention to clear. You can say  something like: I clear these crystals of anything negative and fill them back up with God’s love and Light. (you can say Universe, Source, etc, however you view it)

Why Crystals Should Be Cleansed and Charged

Crystals have a memory and they absorb the energy of people, places, and things. We don’t know exactly where or who our new gems have been around before they find their way to us, so it’s important to clear any energy that blocks the crystal from working at its fullest potential. We want to help bring it back to it’s natural most beautiful state.

But before we talk about that I want to let you know that crystals, all on their own, will go back to their natural state without you or I doing anything. The following are things you can do to help them get back there quicker. Like a little nudge. 

Also sometimes our crystals work in overdrive for us and you may find they become dull in color or have little to no energy left in them. Give those some extra TLC so they can come back vibrant as ever ready to help raise your vibration and get YOU back into alignment. They are here to support us after all.

The Sun

how to cleanse and charge your crystals

The Sun is one of the many ways to help your crystals entrain back into themselves. I love putting some of my crystals out in the sun but not for too long.

Some crystals shouldn’t be in the sun and do better in water and others do better in water than being in the sun. This is due to their scientific structure and certain minerals that they’re made of. 

The best way to tell if your crystal should be in the sun or not is if they are transparent in color. Think Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz. Even semi transparent should not be in the sun because the sun can cause the color to fade and the crystal to lose its luster.

They can also be prone to cracking, overheating, and losing their cooling properties. Even the crystals safe to put in the sun I don’t keep out for too long. Not all day like I would all night with the Moon. 

Keeping them in indirect sunlight is great, in my opinion. They are out in the openness, not hidden away but also not exposed to potential ruin. Think of it like sunblock for your crystals. 

The Moon

how to cleanse and charge your crystals

Placing your crystals out under the Moon is a very common way to recharge and cleanse your crystals as well. Make sure if you put them outside they are in a safe area.

Setting that intention with the Moon is going to help you not only bring the crystals back into their natural state but also help you stay connected to your Divine Feminine. This helps you clear what is no longer serving you and creating space within for what does. 


how to cleanse and charge your crystals

Salt is another good way to absorb negativity. This draws out the impurities and supports the crystal in moving back into its highest frequency. You can place your crystals in salt for 3 days if your crystals are needing some extra love and care. I would do a mix of the Sun, Moon, and salt. 

Loud Noise

how to cleanse and charge your crystals

Loud music and tuning forks are amazing to help cleanse and clear your crystals. Safe for all!

Blast your favorite beats, play your favorite tunes and have a dance party with your crystals.

Play your sound bowls, chimes, frequencies or even clap loudly to clear out energy that’s stuck. Not only out of the crystals but this works for you and your space and well – a triple win! 

As long as your intention is there, any and all loud noise will break up any stagnant energy.

Smoke or Smokeless

how to cleanse and charge your crystals

Smoke from dried herbs is probably the most common way to cleanse and charge crystals. If you do not like smoke you can use a Smudge Sprayin it’s place for the same effect. I make mine to order and bless and charge each Spray before they head out to you.

Even Simpler Ways

Something even as simple as gently wiping down your crystals regularly removing dust is also a plus. Water is also good but again not all crystals are good in water, like Selenite, Malachite, or Kyanite, so double check before you do any submerging.


Each crystal is different. It’s important to keep doing research on the crystals you have to see if they are safe in the Sun, Water, etc. The crystals I mentioned are only a small portion of all the varieties that are out there. Knowledge and learning are infinite take advantage of that. You will always learn something new everyday in the world of crystals. People have their own experiences with them, like me, and I like to share my experiences with you. 

Take from me what I teach you that resonates and leave the rest that doesn’t. You will also have your own unique relationship with your crystals , enjoy the journey and all the learning. 

Keep in mind no matter what happens to your crystals, for example if the color fades or one breaks, it does not mean the crystal is finished. It still holds it’s healing properties.

Crystals do not have to be cleansed everyday. You can if you want to but it’s not necessary. 

The only exception to this is Fluorite. In my experience, since Fluorite absorbs absorbs absorbs, it’s good to cleanse it daily if you’re using it. For me it’s not like Black Tourmaline that transmutes. Just wanted to share that tid-bit with ya!

Check out my video on different ways to cleanse and charge your crystals here

This brings me right into Lionsgate 8:8

how to cleanse and charge your crystals

Lionsgate is coming up Monday, August 8th. However, you’ve been feeling the energies of this portal since July 26th. The energy of this day is abundant, auspicious, and massive to bring in more of what serves you. Take full advantage of this energy. 

You may have been feeling a bit fiery lately and want to scream to let out some of the rage and anger thats been built up. Let. it. out. Trust me, you’ll feel better. Move through the uncomfortable emotions so that you can fully take in the beautiful energy this day 8:8 has to offer. It is here to serve you, to make your dreams come true, to help you down a path of least resistance. 

You are going to come to a point during this time where you feel empowered, appreciative and blessed beyond measure. This doesn’t have to stop. It will only continue and build momentum the more you push forward in faith and love. 

You soul will be experiencing huge growth and you will have life changing breakthroughs. You’re deepening your connection to your Higher Self at this time, your Spirit Team, and find how much closer you are to what truly lights your soul on fire!

how to cleanse and charge your crystals

Go inward, reflect, then receive. You are sovereign, you are worthy, you are love.  

Sending you all Love, Abundance + Many Crystal Blessings