Your Makeup Bag Needs a Makeover

It only takes 26 seconds for what you’re putting on your body to enter the bloodstream…26 secondsBeautycounterYour Makeup Bag Needs a Makeover. A thought we all need to ponder, myself included. Over the past couple of months I’ve been researching beauty products. I can sometimes be a girly girl and I like to put on makeup. It’s fun and makes us women feel extra special when we go out. I know I would love to leave my house waking up effortlessly looking like a super model but lets be real, that ain’t gonna happen. Well at least not for me. Anyway since completely switching my lifestyle, going from the standard american diet to plant based, organic and non gmo, I’ve also been looking to replace all the beauty products I was once so loyal to.Your Makeup Bag Needs a Makeover beautycounter17I don’t know about any of you but me personally when I find a product I like, I use it consistently and loyally. It becomes a part of my daily beauty regime and I don’t cheat. But after learning so so much on what our beauty products contain I was all about out with the old and in with the safe new. Even for my son. I don’t mess around. The last to go was my makeup. It had to be done. I’m talking all the high end brands like MAC, Urban Decay, NARS, Benefit (which I totally use to be in love with) and others like Sephora brand. And here’s why:

There has not been a federal law past by the United States to regulate ingredients used in personal care since 1938. 1938! Come on! You know how much has happened since 1938, as you can imagine a whole freakin’ lot.

Europe has banned nearly 1,400 ingredients and the United States has only banned 11. What’s 11 going to do, seriously. This means that only about 10% of the tens of thousands of chemicals found in beauty products have safety data.BeautycounterChemicals such as lead, parabens, formaldehyde, PEGs, fragrances and phthalates (to name a few) are allowed by the FDA to be used in your everyday beauty products such as shampoos, lotions, foundations, perfumes, deodorants, lip glosses and so much more. These products are used by women, men and children across the board on an everyday basis. Now get this, a company can claim to be paraben free, HOWEVER it’s their raw materials that still, most likely contain a small amount. Now since its less than .5ppm it does not have to be reported on the ingredients list. This means that one product could contain up to 10 or more raw ingredients that contain parabens that don’t have to be listed for customers to see. This makes the amount of parabens in that ONE product huge and harmful. I’m using paraben as one example, so just think of all the other unknown ingredients on top of that. That one product can be harmful with just the unknown raw materials containing parabens only, now add the rest of the ingredients. You see what I’m saying?BeautycounterNow let’s hit on how these ingredients are harmful to our bodies. Being that our skin is our biggest organ (like the biggest organ) and immediately absorbs 60% of what we put on it, we really need to start being mindful of what we are not only feeding it through foods we ingest but also what we are putting on it directly. Our skin is not like our guts, it doesn’t have the ability to metabolize everything that goes onto it. For instance summer is upon us over in my hood and sunscreen is being used left and right for fear of skin cancer. But what’s in your sunscreen can contain more harmful substances than what the sun can do to your skin in 1o minutes. Let’s also not forget the sun has been around forever, these ingredients have not.

Just a couple of decades ago it was 1 out of 20 women were diagnosed with cancer. Now that number has dramatically increased from 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men! That is outrageous and makes me wonder what the flip is going on. It angers me really. I have lost way to many people I hold dear to my heart to cancer in the past couple of years and it is heartbreaking. We ALL know someone who has been taken by this disease but this isn’t where it stops. The ingredients in most products are also linked to infertility, autism, birth defects, learning disabilities, toxicity, skin irritation, hormone imbalances, allergies, ADHD and even asthma. Another important thing to know is that 9 out of 10 breast cancer tumors contain parabens which we now know are in basically all skin care products.

Right now you must be thinking that nothing is safe and how can you possibly trust any company. I felt the same way. It’s a bit overwhelming when you learn the truth about what’s really going on with what you’re using. To be frank it’s scary as hell! Like what seems to be an innocent concealer in your makeup bag right now, that concealer that you probably use Every – Single – Day, it all starts to accumulate and add up. These amounts that seem to be so small end up being so big because it’s not a once in a while type thing it’s all the time on a consistent basis.BeautycounterWords such as natural, botanical and pure are rendered meaningless and are just marketing tools to fool customers. 90% of chemicals used in these so called natural, botanical and pure products are not tested at all for safety and people don’t know what they don’t really know. These ingredients even in the smallest amounts are potent. This is the ugly truth about the beauty industry. It’s time to make a change. Knowledge is power! That statement couldn’t be any truer. I’ve decided to join a movement. A movement to educate and inspire people to start reading labels, get to know ingredients and what they mean. Spend the time to take care of you and your families. We all have that right don’t we?

BeautycounterBeautycounterBeautycounter is 100% safe and truthful. Transparency is key and this is what we need in this industry. We have the right to know! Beautycounter has the strictest ingredient screening process and bans 1,500 ingredients which are on their Never to use list!  On the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Data Base, Beautycounter is rated 0-2, green and safe. It’s a company with no secrets! You can actually use this data base to see where your current products rank. Just type in the company or a specific ingredient in the search engine and it will help you understand more about your products. You will be surprised. You can also download the Skin Deep App on your phone and scan the labels of your products. You are informed now so you can do things to make a difference.

On average we use about 6 to 12 products or more a day. It’s not just about women’s products. It’s an American issue for everyone.

Beautycounter’s products are not only safe and toxic free but are chic, luxurious, high performing and vegan. So no animal testing what so ever! It’s a sustainable company, one that actually cares about you, the planet and all living things. Nothing that is harmful to human health issues are in these products and I absolutely love them! It’s really comforting to know that what I use isn’t compromising my health just for beauty’s sake. No one should be asked to compromise their health and especially not our children. Beautycounter
BeautycounterPlease share this and let’s spread the word. Informing others is important, then people can make a conscious decision about what they choose to use. We are on a mission to get safe products out there to the world!

Since I made the switch I have noticed such a difference but others have noticed a difference too! It’s like a confirmation for me that I made the right decision. I look brighter, more hydrated and I feel happy about what I’m putting on my face and the rest of this good ole mommy machine.

The more we know the more we can do. Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or comment below.

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