Never Say Never


Never say never…because you never know.

I made this mistake before I became a mother. I judged people.

I often would have opinions and judgements on what I thought other mothers should do. I often felt like I would totally do things differently from them “when and if I ever became a mother”.

That couldn’t be the furthest from the effin truth. Here it is – if you do not have kids, you do not know. It doesn’t matter if you’re the babysitter, sister, aunt, brother, friend, pet, or cousin from your mom’s other side twice separated. You do not know what you would do in situations with kids that aren’t your own. You think you know, but you have no fucking idea.

It’s so easy to sit atop a high horse looking like you have your shit completely together. I thought that too. I thought I would NEVER do certain things. One, it’s not a competition of who mothers or parents better. It’s about having that unconditional love for your own child. I’ve had so many people try to tell me what I should do or how I should do it when it comes to my son and I’m always asking them “Do you have kids?” Oh you have a dog oh ok let me take advice from you. Uuum no.  I have a dog too and it’s very different in terms of how you go about raising and taking care of them. They are 2 different species. You have to understand that dogs are walked babies are not. Dogs can be left alone, babies cannot. You train a dog to sit, pee and shit outside, you do not train a baby the way you would a dog. Your dog does not nurse on your breasts (and if you do that then you’re fucking weird AF).

So what I learned from this is that I used to be that judgemental person. I’ve been that person that was like “omg I would never parent like that, etc”. So to all the moms I’ve pissed off way back when I’m sorry. I get it now. Bribing works wonders and pizza sometimes comes in handy. Boxed (vegan) Mac and cheese can become your BFF. Not all is perfect but all is well and right as long as you be the best mom you can be. Don’t let the inexperience of others bring you down or make you feel bad about the decisions you make. Those people (yeah I said those people, you know who you are) should never say never because who can predict 10, 20, 30 years from now what situation they may be. So unless you’re paying for their advice politely tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine, have a shot of your fave hard liquor, a beer, or glass of wine put your feet up and do you girl. Parent on…