5 Crystals for Beginners

Hello Friends!

The most common question I have received over the years from my followers and clients is I’m curious about crystals but don’t know where to start, what to look for or what they even do really. What 5 Crystals for Beginners would you recommend? You’ve seen crystals popping up through your socials and friends perhaps are even talking about them so now you’re interested and want to be in the know. Or perhaps you’ve always had a love for crystals and feel spiritually connected to them and don’t know why. What you are sure of is you want a deeper meaning, a connection. You want to understand how to work with crystals, what they can do for you and which ones you should choose first.

Don’t worry I’m here to help and make this soooo not complicated for you.

For centuries, crystals have been believed to have mystical energy and used for wellness, healing, protection, centering, abundance, and cleansing. There are thousands of crystals out there, all with different benefits and then there are crystals still yet to be discovered.

If you follow me on Instagram and watch me during my live sales, you know that it is my belief that the crystal chooses you. Whenever you’re being guided to work with or have a crystal with you, you will find yourself very attracted to one or all of them. The deep purple hues in Amethyst sparkle so beautifully you feel like you just need it near you, or you think for some reason it will look amazing in a certain part of your home or office. Perhaps it’s a piece of jewelry you’re drawn to. To me when this happens it is no coincidence, whether you realize it or not you’re being divinely guided. But either way, however you’re being guided, always follow your intuition.

Fun fact: Crystals have their own vibrational frequency. When wearing crystal jewelry or placing them around your home or office, they will automatically raise of the vibration of the wearer or their environment!

With that said lets get into these 5 Crystals for Beginners.


Amethyst Tumbled Stones


Up first we have Amethyst. Amethyst will always be a favorite because it does so much for your energy.

Amethyst is associated with Aquarius and Pisces, Element Air and is connected to the Third Eye + Crown Chakras. In Numerology it’s number 3 and its planetary association is Jupiter. 

This crystal has long been seen as a symbol of peace, cleansing, protection, and intuition. It has a very calming energy yet it’s one of the most powerful crystals to work with. Amethyst will protect you from negative energy by creating a light field around you. It awakens higher consciousness, helps bring in clarity for decision making and assists in the mind flowing freely so there is no mental clutter and emotional confusion.

An ideal crystal for meditation as it quiets the mind. This crystal has a variety of colors, most notably purple, but you can find it in
silver, black, white and even pink!


Clear Quartz Tumbles


Clear Quartzshares the number one spot with Amethyst in my opinion as a must have crystal for beginners because it is known as a Master Healer or Universal Crystal. This means quartz amplifies all other crystal energies, your manifestations, and intentions.

Associated with all of the Zodiac, the element is Spirit, and is connected to the Crown Chakra (but can be used to work on any Chakra). In Numerology its number 4 and its planetary association is the Sun. The Sun is where we ground from now as we move higher up in frequencies or higher dimensions.

This high vibration crystal helps amplify and purify energy as well as intention as mentioned. It will help you on your spiritual journey and bring you towards enlightenment.

Clear Quartz also has a cleansing effect on the mind, body, and soul. Improves memory and intuition, and is a great crystal to bring in clear insight, expanded awareness, and supports full physical and energetic body relaxation.

Quartz comes in many different varieties and colors. Alway go with the one you most drawn to first.




Coming in hot is none other than Citrine! Yes, yes, another one of my faves and must have crystals for beginners. This is the stone of Happiness!

Citrine is associated with the zodiacs Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Leo, element is Fire, and is connected to the Sacral and Solar Plexus. Numerology number six and its planetary association is also with the Sun.

This crystal has very strong cleansing and regenerative properties as well as radiates an energy full of warmth and light. While supper grounding, Citrine will also keep you connected to your Higher Self and help you access clear communication from Spirit.

Citrine is about abundance, happiness, creativity, new growth, and manifesting. Utilizing the energy of this crystal will help bring about success and prosperity. Ideal for using during meditation, journaling, vision board creation as it’s going to attract all the things you desire for your greatest and highest good.

Place Citrine around your plants and watch them grow double!

Citrine is known for its beautiful yellow color. The darker more amber colored citrine means it was heat treated and the lighter paler color of Citrine means it was naturally heated by the sun. Some people prefer natural over heat treated but to me I love them both the same!



Oh my Ryan Gosling, Selenite! If you follow me on IG or hang with me during my live crystal sales on Instagram, you know my excitement when I use that phrase. LOL (By the way I do live crystal sales every Friday night at 8PM EST for those who don’t know).

Selenite is associated with the zodiac Taurus, element is Air, and connected to the Crown Chakra. Numerology number is 8 and its planetary association is the Moon! Ahhh the Moon and all its Divine Feminine Energy glory.

Selenite is another very high vibration crystal that connects the conscious mind with the subconscious mind creating awareness. This crystal will deepen your understanding of what is actually going on around you. It is believed to inhibit the space between light and matter.

This beautiful crystal is super popular when it comes to clearing and protection as it is known to clear any blocked energy, elevate your own spirit, and promotes connection to self and source.

Known as an energy eraser as it helps in purifying the environment it’s intended to. Selenite is also a great energy conductor that helps direct energy to specific areas or intentions.

Although Selenite is known to be self-clearing and charging, you still will want to give it a good cleanse. In crystal healing, selenite works to clear emotional toxins and negative thought patterns by creating a flow of energy from the base to the crown chakra.

Don’t place selenite in your relaxing or resting space like your bedroom. Since it is an energy conductor it does have quite the buzzing feel and can leave you feeling wide awake and ready to go when you’re really ready to sleep! Selenite is white with a chalk like texture.


Black Tourmaline

In my opinion, your crystal collection is not complete if you do not have Black Tourmaline.Sorry not sorry? LOL

Black Tourmaline is associated with the zodiac Capricorn, element is the Earth, connected to the Root Chakra, Numerology, number 3 and its planetary associated is with of course the Earth! Are you feeling grounded already?

This crystal is the number one crystal (again in my opinion) that is the best for protection, grounding, and transmuting negative  energy. Negative energy from outside forces yes, but even your own negative thought patterns, beliefs, self-doubt, and inadequacies!

To me and in my experience, Black Tourmaline acts like a filtering system. It doesn’t just absorb; it transmutes which means it takes the negative energy and recycles it back out into the universe to become positive energy. Or you will hear people say it brings energy back into neutral.

When wearing Black Tourmaline as jewelry such as a bracelet (which is one of my most popular bracelets, snag yours here), you’ll want to wear it on the left side as your left side is the side energy enters and your right side is the side it exits.

This is a super highly protective stone and can be used for spiritual work and dream work. It helps with emotional stability and well as helping you to let go of embarrassment, anxiety, and negativity. Black Tourmaline will balance all your Chakras and keep your environment free and clear of lower vibrating energies.

This crystal is a symbol of strength and will also give you a nice boost of energy. It’s also a negative ion generator that is known for its ability to absorb EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) or smog.

Place Black Tourmaline around your home, keep on you, put some on your desk so it can do its thing with all of the above. Tourmaline is another crystal that comes in a variety of colors most notably black and pink, but you can find rainbow Tourmaline, blue tourmaline, again whatever you are drawn to.



Now that you have my 5 Crystals for Beginners, use this as just a guide. There are so many crystals out there, known and still to be discovered. There is so much knowledge on them, it’s never ending. You will always be learning about the properties of crystals and discovering new ways they work with the world and with you personally. Everyone is so uniquely different, and we all have different needs and different ways of doing things so allow yourself to be open to receiving in more ways than meets the eye.

Lastly, once you decide on where to begin your crystal journey (so exciting), one of the most important things I ensure is that every crystal I purchase and sell is fair trade + ethically sourced. I do my absolute best to source from reputable and honorable people/wholesalers. I’ve come to know these people personally and have built long lasting relationships with individuals who hold what we do in the same sacred respect and in the highest regard.  

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Enjoy this journey and stay tuned for my upcoming crystal series!