December 11th Weekly Reading – The 12/12 Portal and New Moon in Sagittarius

December 11th Weekly Reading - The 12/12 Portal and New Moon in Sagittarius


December 11th Weekly Reading – The 12/12 Portal and New Moon in Sagittarius


Dear Cosmic Explorers,


Cheers to another transformative week, as the Universe calls us toward the enchanting energies of the 12/12 portal, accompanied by the vibrant presence of the New Moon in Sagittarius. 🌟 Sagittarius, with its adventurous and restless spirit, encourages us to embrace movement and propel ourselves into action. The cosmos align to support the initiation of projects and the transformation of hobbies into monumental endeavors. This celestial alignment offers an expansive canvas for manifestation, urging us to explore unexpected possibilities that could blossom into something extraordinary.


πŸš€ Seizing the 12/12 Portal and Sagittarius Energies 🌠

Tomorrow marks the opening of the powerful 12/12 portal, a gateway to heightened energies and cosmic alignment. In the realm of Sagittarius, seize this opportune moment to set things in motion. Whether it’s a creative project, a professional venture, or the realization of a latent passion, the cosmic forces are propelling you forward. The energies of this portal amplify intentions, so dare to dream big and let the Universe conspire in your favor.


The magic of the 12/12 portal lies in its numerical alignment and cosmic significance. In numerology, the number 12 holds potent vibrations, symbolizing completion, spiritual wholeness, and a harmonious union of opposites. The repetition of the number amplifies its influence, creating a portal of heightened energetic frequencies.


🌈 Create a Cosmic Connection🌈

The number 12 signifies completeness and cycles. During the 12/12 portal, embrace the idea of closure and the culmination of cycles in your life. Reflect on what aspects need closure or transformation, allowing the portal’s energy to facilitate these transitions. Synchronize with the celestial rhythms. Spend time in nature, meditate under the stars, or engage in cosmic rituals that connect you with the vastness of the Universe.


As the portal opens, set clear and powerful intentions. The energies during this time are conducive to manifestation. Visualize your goals, dreams, and desires with clarity. Write them down, infusing each word with intention, and trust that the cosmic currents will amplify your manifestations.


Engage in sacred rituals that amplify your connection to the cosmic energies. This could include meditation, energy cleansing practices, or even creating a crystal grid aligned with the energies of the 12/12 portal. Consciously attune yourself to the vibrational frequencies present during this magical time.


🌠Openness to Change🌠

The magic of the 12/12 portal often brings opportunities for transformation and growth. Be open to change, release resistance, and welcome the unfolding of new chapters in your life. Trust that the cosmic energies will guide you towards experiences that align with your highest good.


πŸ’₯ Keeping Your Cool in the Sagittarian Fire πŸ”₯

Sagittarian energy can be intense, urging us to constantly seek and explore. However, it’s crucial to keep a cool head amid the fiery enthusiasm. As you embark on this journey of expansion, be mindful not to let external factors push your buttons. Protect your energy fiercely, and gracefully remove yourself from situations that drain rather than nourish. Your energy is a precious resource, and it deserves to be channeled into pursuits that bring fulfillment.


🌈 Reflection Amid the BustleπŸͺž

Amid the hustle and bustle, find moments for introspection and self-discovery. The New Moon in Sagittarius invites you to not only engage in festive holiday activities but also to open up to more profound aspects of your being. The cosmic energies support the unveiling of layers, allowing you to explore the depths of your identity. Embrace the chaos as a positive outlet, and let the transformative energies guide you toward a more authentic self.


⏳The Present Beyond Linear Time βŒ›

In holiday busyness and personal endeavors, it’s easy to feel time slipping away. However, remember that time is but a linear concept in the 3D realm. Liberating yourself from the constraints of constant clock-watching, immerse yourself in the present moment. The true essence of life is not measured by seconds and minutes but by the richness of each moment. Be still in the now, where the true magic of existence unfolds.


✨Making Every Moment Precious 🌌

Amidst the cosmic whirlwind, make the absolute most of your time, treating it as the precious gift that it is. Refrain from squandering your own time or allowing others to do so. Align your actions with your authentic desires and aspirations. Embrace the flow of the cosmos, where time is not a constraint but a continuous, harmonious dance. The Universe invites you to synchronize with its rhythm, creating a symphony of moments that transcend the limitations of linear time.


Let the energies of the 12/12 portal and the New Moon in Sagittarius guide you toward expansive possibilities. Embrace movement, protect your energy, delve into self-discovery, and savor each timeless moment.


With Cosmic Love, Crystals, & Transformative Energies,


Your Trusted Guide to Healing and Personal Growth