January 1st Weekly Reading – What Awaits You In 2024

January 1st Weekly Reading - What Awaits You In 2024

January 1st Weekly Reading – What Awaits You In 2024


🎉 Oh My Ryan Gosling, Happy New Year! 🎉 Our first reading of the new year! Can you even believe we stand at the threshold of 2024, a year steeped in the spiritual significance of the powerful number 8?! Let’s make this journey a transformative one brimming with infinite possibilities.


The energy of the 8 symbolizes balance, infinity, and abundance, inviting us to explore the boundless realms of our existence!


🌞 Your Authentic Self

This week, the cosmic theme revolves around tapping into the life-giving energy coursing through our veins—the essence of our life force. Seize this opportune moment to cast aside hesitation and let your light shine brightly. Please do not be afraid! Embrace authenticity and allow your true self to radiate, transcending the shadows within that beckon for healing. In the grand dance of vibrations, authenticity stands as one of the highest.


In this path of self-discovery, consider exploring aspects of your authentic self that may have been hidden or suppressed. Allow the radiant core of your being to emerge, free from the constraints of societal expectations or self-imposed limitations. The energy of 2024 supports this unveiling, guiding you toward a more genuine, empowered version of yourself. Embrace it with open arms dear friends.


🌈 Breaking Free from Restraint

No more holding back; this is your time to rise. Authenticity serves your mind, body, and spirit, bringing harmony and higher vibrations into your life. Liberate yourself from the opinions of others, and boldly move into the fullness of your being. This year, let your light shine without restraint and witness how powerful you can truly be.


Go deep into the shadows of self and identify the limiting beliefs that may have held you captive. This is a time to break free from the shackles that hinder your growth, embracing the expansive energy of the number 8. Whether it’s stepping into a new venture, expressing your creativity, or cultivating relationships that align with your true self, the cosmic currents are supporting your journey toward liberation. It’s time, you can feel it, I can feel it, we all can feel it. I see you knotting your head in agreement right now 🤗.


☀️Energies of the Sun

Get out into the sun and let it rejuvenate you.  The Sun is a cosmic powerhouse that downloads new DNA and light codes, revitalizing your essence. Cherish the “rays of sunshine” in your life, those individuals who exude warmth and joy. Alternatively, recognize that you might be the radiant force inspiring others with your luminosity. Let 2024 be a testament to your authenticity, allowing your light to illuminate the paths of those around you.


Take intentional moments to connect with the sun, safely of course, and allow its energy to infuse your being with vitality. Whether it’s a mindful sunbathing session, a nature walk under its warm embrace, or even visualization exercises harnessing the sun’s energy, let the central sun source be a catalyst for your revitalization. Stay open to the energy exchange between you and the sun, nurturing a sense of inner brightness that radiates outward.


🤝Supportive Connections

Support is a potent force in fulfilling dreams. Surround yourself with like-minded souls, as energy transference plays a significant role in your journey. Choose connections that uplift, empower, and inspire, steering clear of constant negativity and victimhood. In the whole grand scheme of 2024, prioritize self-love, break generational curses, and dismantle the shackles of generational poverty.


Reflect on the relationships that have nourished your spirit and propelled you forward. Consider the roles of support and encouragement play in your life, and reciprocate that energy by being a beacon of support for others. Lead by example. This year is about cultivating a tribe that understands the power of collective growth, where each individual’s success contributes to the collective elevation.


🚫 Discerning Content Consumption

Stay vigilant in curating the content you allow into your mind. Mainstream media can be a breeding ground for negativity, making it crucial to be discerning about what you consume. Trust your intuition, and if something feels amiss, honor that feeling.


Consciously evaluate the media you consume, seeking sources that align with positivity, authenticity, and constructive information. This discernment extends beyond news outlets to encompass all forms of content—be it social media, entertainment, or educational material. As you navigate the digital landscape, let your choices be guided by the pursuit of knowledge, inspiration, and well-being.


🌟Layers of Self

Now is the time to open up to the layers of self to incorporate healing to enhance your well-being. Personalized healing sessions can be instrumental in addressing the shadows that may hinder your authentic radiance. You are under no obligation to work with me. I want you to find and work with someone you trust.


Through these sessions, you’ll explore the depths of self-discovery, self-love, and creating a harmonious balance within. These sessions are a sacred space for your healing journey, guiding you toward a more vibrant and fulfilling life.


You can book a Your Year in Review Reading or a Life Path & Destiny Number Report. Unravel the intricacies of the past year and gain insights into the possibilities that lie ahead. These sessions offer valuable perspectives and guidance, providing you with the tools to weave a more intentional and fulfilling life. Even a full Crystal Therapy Session or Reiki session would be ideal to start with aligning and balancing your energy centers. 


As a special offering, the code “HEALING25” grants you a 25% discount on sessions until January 31st, supporting your commitment to growth. Embrace the opportunity to shine brighter and step into the fullness of your being in the coming year.


You can book your session here: BOOK HERE


🌠 A Remarkable 2024

May this year unfold as a masterpiece crafted with the threads of your authentic self, self-love, and the uplifting support of a positive, high-vibrational community. As you embrace the transformative energies of 2024, may your journey be filled with blessings, growth, and the radiant expression of your true self.


Wishing you the most extraordinary year ahead!


With Cosmic Love, Crystals, & Healing,


Your Trusted Guide to Healing and Personal Growth