Summer Veggie Tart

cornpizza2wpPretty much everyday I love to have meals full of color. But by no means am I perfect. I have my own slip ups from time to time. Whatta-ya-gonna-do (sigh). Anyway, dishes packed with color are the best because that means you are loading your plate up with lots of vitamins and nutrients. Now when I say full of color I’m not talking about a bag of skittles. I mean lets be real here, that is in no way what eating the rainbow is all about. Amirite?

Um whatever happened to eating corn on the regular? Since 95% of the corn in this country in derived from gmo (genetically modified organisms) I know I tended to steer clear of it. Until I found some reputable farms and brands that I can trust. Real quick I just want to say that’s very important. Find quality brands and farmers you trust and know that the food they are creating is real. For companies out there that are honest and actually care about the consumers, those are the companies I stick with. If a company wouldn’t feed their own families what they sell why the heck should I feed it to mine, ya know what I mean? K, good.

Ok so back to corn, I know even without the gmo’s, corns reputation is known for going in whole and coming out the same way. (hahaha) I think everyone knows when they eat corn it’s going to be completely visible in their crap (you have cooorn in your crap, Goldmember, hahaha). My point is corn is good for ya. But isn’t it completely odd that you can chew corn to no avail and it still comes out like the chewing process never even happened? Yes, I think about these things. It’s funny! Plus it’s so much better than worrying, which I do that too but that’s another blog post in itself.


Organic Cornmeal Crust

1 bag frozen corn

1 bundle of fresh broccolini

tomatoes, sliced

vegan mozzarella cheese

salt/pepper to taste


  1. Prepare organic cornmeal crust as directed on package. I purchase mine from WholeFoods. If you can’t find it then a regular vegan pie crust will work just the same.
  2. While that’s baking, steam corn and broccolini for about 5-10 minutes.
  3. Once the crust is done top with cheese first, tomatoes, corn and broccolini. Doesn’t have to be perfect, just throw them on there.
  4. Sprinkle with salt/pepper and pop it back in the oven for 2-3 minutes so the cheese gets somewhat melty.
  5. Guess what happens next? Ding Ding Ding!
  6. Cut, serve and Enjoy!