NeuroticMommy’s Breville Juicer Giveaway

Happy Hump Day peeps! I told you the other day I had a surprise in store for you right?! Well I love all my readers and followers. I’m always so thankful that you guys show me so much love and support.NeuroticMommy's Breville Juicer Giveaway

To show my appreciation I’m doing NeuroticMommy’s Breville Juicer Giveaway, Yaaay! I am a full time Mommy and advocate of optimal health. Everyone has the right to be happy and healthy. I juice basically every morning. People always ask me what is the difference between juicing and having a smoothie. There is a difference although I drink both. When you juice you pull the fibers out of the fruits or veggies. When you drink juice (not processed or boxed juice) the vitamins and minerals literally go straight into your bloodstream. There is no digestion needed so your body reaps the full benefits from the glorious essential vitamins and minerals.

Smoothies are like a meal. Your body does take time to break them down and digest it. So that’s the difference in plain english. I encourage both because they are both so super beneficial for you. And by smoothies I don’t mean ones made with frozen yogurt. I’m talking about the smoothies made with coconut water, almond milk (or any nut milks), fruits, veggies and super foods. Those types of smoothies are A-maze!NeuroticMommy's Breville Juicer GiveawayLet’s talk about this amazing juicer!

(No this is not an endorsement. This is the exact juicer I own and would like to share it with you. Breville has nothing to do with this giveaway)

It’s easy to clean, extracts a ton of juice from fruits and veggies and isn’t as loud as some juicers can be. It’s sleek looking and has a wide feed chute that makes juicing fruits like apples easy peasy. I’ve been through quite a few juicers. I had one where I would have to cut every apple in tiny pieces just to get it to fit inside the chute. Oh gosh it was annoying. Some juicers can get messy, not give enough juice and are a nightmare to clean. This one makes a juicers life much simpler. You still have to clean it but you don’t have to hire a cleaning crew to wipe down your whole kitchen. This has two speeds (high and low) and is one powerful kitchen tool.

So who wants to win a juicer!!!

You have three different ways to enter:

Blog: Subscribe to my blog and comment below your favorite juice concoction or what you would like to try first if you haven’t owned a juicer before.

Facebook: Like me on Facebook and leave a comment there under the Breville Giveaway picture.

Instagram: Follow me on Instagram, repost the Giveway photo, Tag me @NeuroticMommy and use the hashtag #neuroticmommyjuicer

This giveaway is worldwide. One winner will be selected on Wednesday, April 29th, 2015.

Tell your family and friends and Good Luck to everyone who enters!

Sending love and light to you all.


NeuroticMommy's Breville Juicer Giveaway