Pregnancy Week 15

Pregnancy Week 15 - NeuroticMommy pregnancy week by week. #vegan #moms #motherhood

Hello friends! We are in week 15 of my pregnancy and I’m feeling so much better. I can finally say “ADIOS” to the first trimester (and thank God).

I was talking with some of my mom friends and it came up how the second pregnancy seems to go by so much quicker. And it really does. This time around I have so much more to do. I’m writing a book, taking the photographs so it’s really keeping me busy. When I think about Little Baby C’s arrival I’m like “OMG I don’t have enough time!” But maybe that’s just me nesting.

With my first pregnancy it felt like I was pregnant for years. I remember when I was about 7 months pregs people would stop me in the street and make comments like ” You’re still pregnant?!” and I’d be all like “Um yea I’m still only 7 months”. This time around the time is flying by and I know it’s because I’m a mom now to my bestie Michael and we are always doing something. Not to mention summers are pretty busy with lots of fun (obviously) and they usually go by pretty quickly (bummer 🙁). Also I’m expected to pop right around the holidays and holiday season comes and goes in a flash. But it’s exciting because Little Baby C will be celebrating his first Christmas at just about a month old. Crazy right.

Pregnancy Week 15 - NeuroticMommy pregnancy week by week. #vegan #moms #motherhood

Fetal Development – Measuring in at about 4 inches long, my little guy’s brain is now controlling all the muscles in his body so he’s able to move more, suck his thumb, do flips and kicks, etc. They say if it’s your first pregnancy you won’t really feel the movements yet but if it’s your second pregnancy you can feel the fluttering and I’ve totally been feeling the movements. I can’t remember or not if I felt Michael kicking or moving around at this point but I know I felt him pretty early on too. Cashew can now make facial expressions and the vocal cords are formed gearing up for that very first cry into the world. (Also when babies cry coming in I kinda don’t blame them, lol.)

I also use this pregnancy app called Ovia to track my pregnancy. It has different themes like fruit or french pastries and tells you each week what exactly is going on with your little bean. It’s really cool. Everyday I get an email on what the deal is inside my uterus. Sometimes when I really think about it, as miraculous and amazing as it is, it freaks me out because I still can’t believe the woman human body can do all this, and I have all this going on inside of me. So anyway, this week they say that Cashew’s face is beginning to look more human like and his proportions are getting more normal. You know at first it’s like all head in there. Also this is the week where I’ll notice a lot more weight gain because his heart is pumping a bunch of blood. I also might experience some issues with my nose and allergies if these things were originally a problem for me.

Pregnancy Week 15 - NeuroticMommy pregnancy week by week. #vegan #moms #motherhood

With Michael my first son, my nasal passages were swollen throughout the entire pregnancy. I remember that being so so so annoying. So far with Baby C I’ve just been dealing with a bright red nose. Like seriously, as red as that apple pictured above. On Instagram I’m always posting in the stories section (real time) and I show you guys how red it is. Lucky for me some of the filters tone down the brightness.

How I’m Feeling – This week I’m feeling so much better than the weeks prior. I still get “morning sickness” between the hours of 5 and 7pm but it’s not as intense as it was. I’m also still having a hard time staying asleep. I’ll fall asleep at 9:30, like pass out tired, just to wake up at like 3 and be up till 5. It’s super annoying. During that time I try to meditate but I’m literally wide awake and end up scrolling Facebook or watching TV.  I’ve also been tracking my weight and I’m right on point with gaining just a pound a week. Remember my first pregnancy I gained 80 pounds so this time around I want to gain the healthy weight.

I walk a lot. That’s right now the only exercise I do. I’m starting prenatal yoga this week too. The first trimester was hard on me and I was in no mood to do any sort of exercise. I literally had no energy. That plus the morning sickness was kicking my ass. Walking for me has been great. The other day there was a festival in my town about 7 blocks long and I walked there form my house, then I walked the whole festival like twice, then we walked back, so it was about two miles. However it was the hottest day we’ve had. I dressed comfortably and brought a spray bottle filled with ice water to keep us all cool. Plus I drank tons of water and stopped several times for frozen treats.

Pregnancy Week 15 - NeuroticMommy pregnancy week by week. #vegan #moms #motherhood

*A Refreshing & Delicious Mango Ice*

I’ve been buying some maternity clothes too. I love being comfy and I don’t like anything tight around my belly area. I don’t even like if it falls under my belly but is still tight. It has to be loose, nothing restrictive. When I’m in my house I wear my most comfy undies and a t-shirt, no bra. I am so not ashamed to be comfy. I think during pregnancy and even after it’s our god given right. As long as I keep myself clean, I’m good. And right now I can still shave all my parts which is always a plus (hehe).

Pregnancy Week 15 - NeuroticMommy pregnancy week by week. #vegan #moms #motherhood

These trendy prego jeans I bought from Motherhood and I love them. I’m going to go back and pick up some other styles and colors. The only thing that annoys me is that they fall throughout the day and I have to hike them up. Picture a little bend and leg shake. Very attractive lol.

At this point I definitely look pregnant, there’s no denying it. But I’m excited. I don’t have to walk around trying to squeeze my abs. I’m also looking forward to wearing a bikini. Can’t wait to see what that’s gonna look like.

Weird Discoveries and happenings – For 3 days last week I had the most annoying cough ever. It was one of those coughs where I was coughing what felt like very 2 minutes with no relief. I got nervous that it would affect the baby but my doctor assured me I and he were alright. I thought it was allergies but I tried an allergy med and it did not help. I was so fed up with this cough I was about to try just about anything. I did every natural remember under the sun to no avail and nothing was working. I was super frustrated. Luckily it started to pass by day 3 and I was able to get some relief.

I found a skin tag on my neck. I never had a skin tag anywhere on my body. I was watching TV the other night and scratched my neck and it hurt like hell. I was like “what the fuuu!” so I went and checked it out and there it was this small dangly skin tag just chillin’ on my neck. Did anyone else have weird skin things happen while pregnant? I know the skin can become darker, patches can appear, etc. I also have vitiligo so I’m anxious to see what new spots shoe up this year.

This morning actually I woke up to my gums bleeding. It totally freaked me out. When I went to brush my teeth I was like “WTF!!!” It was the whole upper right side of teeth. During pregnancy our gums are extra sensitive because of again, hormones so things like this are normal but also hit you by surprise because you don’t know exactly what day a new symptom is going to show up.

Symptoms – The only thing I’m feeling right now is stretching. Stretching is the best way I can describe this feeling. Sometimes I get these pains that happen for about a second and go away. But for the most part it’s like I can literally feel my baby growing. I know that sounds weird but I’m feeling that.

I have bursitis on my left hip from my first pregnancy. It flares up from time to time but acupuncture always keeps it in check. This week it’s been really inflamed so I’ve been sleeping with a pillow between my legs to ease it up a bit. Hopefully at my next acupuncture appointment, my Dr. will be able to release some of that stagnant energy.

Doctor visits and such – My next doctor visit and ultrasound are next week so I have nothing to report back on that yet. After next week I’ll be going every two weeks for an ultrasound because of my history and my uterus.

I don’t have a midwife and my pregnancy won’t be drug free because I need the c-section. However I can fuel my body properly (with the side treats) and prepare it as best I can for delivery and recovery.

All tests from previous doctor visits along with the DNA results came back negative. Phew

Overall – I feel really good. I do cry randomly at anything that pulls at my heart strings but that’s ok. I feel when the water works are coming on. It’s quite funny. Sometimes I just look at my son and tear up. Hormones right?! I haven’t been worrying too much and maybe it’s because I’ve been busy and haven’t allowed my mind to go there, which I’m grateful for my business. I rather be productive on things than worrying and stressing over what if’s and hypothetical situations. Sometimes it sneaks up on me but not to the extreme. I eat healthy for the most part and I don’t go overboard when I want something that’s not so healthy. I also don’t beat myself up over it. I’d say its like 70% healthy with like 30% of the not so healthy. Green smoothies are back this week which is also a plus.

So that just about sums it up for Week 15! Are you pregnant or have been pregnant and have gone through similar experiences and feelings? Let me know, I love to #MOMTALK with ya! Till next week.

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