Pregnancy Weeks 16-19

Hello lovelies, I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted and updated my pregnancy on here. The thing is I have so much going on that I want to share with you all at once it’s overwhelming! I’m writing my cookbook, I’m pregnant, I’m working on content for my blog. Things like obviously my pregnancy, recipes, mindset and wellness, and all things amazing plus all my holistic health stuff I know. Sometimes I don’t know where to start first.

Pregnancy Weeks 16-19 - Discoveries, symptoms, doctor visits, ultrasounds, food cravings and more. NeuroticMommy second trimester.

These past couple of weeks or the past month I should say I’ve been buckling down on my photography for my cookbook to come out fall of 2018. I absolutely love doing my own photos, looking for inspiration, recipe making and eating (clearly) and doing it all while pregs. I feel so accomplished. Sort of, LOL.

I’m also creating content for my YouTube channel. I love making videos and am feeling more confident in front of the camera. If you follow me on Instagram, you know my stories are genuine and real and I don’t sugar coat shit. I’m a real person not trying to lead a “fake” life like all is perfect because life is never perfect, for anyone.

With all that being said let’s move on to Little Baby Cashew’s progress over the last 4 weeks. Fun and interesting times let me tell ya.

Week 16 – Cashew was about 4 inches long and the size of a pickle at 16 weeks. His ears were moving to the side of his head and he was beginning to hear sounds, like our voices for instance. During this week this thing the doctors refer to as “quickening” happens. That’s when you may feel the first kick. For me it feels like stretching. Sometimes it hurts and is uncomfortable but doesnt last long and other times when I feel it, it doesn’t bother me at all.

There were no weird discoveries or symptoms for me during week 16. Besides my continuing red nose nothing else was out of the ordinary.

Doctor Visit and Ultrasound – I went for my check up and also got a pap which thankfully came back normal. I also had my breasts examined although not an ideal time during pregnancy but I still do it for peace of mind. I got more blood work to check my blood levels again, my iron and vitamin D, and also multiple marker tests (MMT) to check baby’s development. During my ultrasound we weren’t able to see much because Cashew was on his knees facing away from the world (can ya blame him). We have a couple of really great shots of his spine and head and that’s about it. I was just happy he’s healthy and relaxing inside the womb.

Pregnancy Weeks 16-19 - Discoveries, symptoms, doctor visits, ultrasounds, food cravings and more. NeuroticMommy second trimester.

Week 17 – This week Cashew was about the size of a pomegranate. His skeleton that was soft like cartilage was now forming into actual bone. During pregnancy you want to make sure you’re getting enough calcium, magnesium, and all the essential vitamins to support healthy bone growth among just growing a human inside of you (like that’s not enough in itself to worry about right?!). His heartbeat is up to 150 times a minute and now controlled by his brain rather than beating at random intervals. He’s becoming more sensitive to light, sound, smell and touch and his arms and legs have reached equal proportions. How freakin cool!

Can we talk about round ligament pain for a minute. Holy shit that hurts. I was in Trader Joe’s doing my usual shopping, enjoying myself, testing out some free samples and boom all of a sudden this sharp pain in my left side had be breathless for a minute. I couldn’t walk. To be honest it frightened me. It’s been happening on and off so now I know what to expect but when it hits, boy does it make my eyes go together. They say you feel it even more during your second pregnancy and they weren’t kidding. Also I’m not sure who “they” are, LOL, I just heard it.

Week 18 – Cashew’s nervous system and facial features are all developing and he’s moving more than ever. I feel him everyday and if I don’t feel him I start to get nervous. I think that’s normal though because their moving gives us moms comfort. I always am very excited and ready for my ultrasounds because they give me peace of mind granted all is well.

I also love when they have the hiccups. When I was pregnant with Michael he had the hiccups and they were so cute. I mean I know they suck really outside of the womb but to know that they’re hiccuping inside and watching my belly hiccup along with him or them is quite fascinating. Hiccups people!

This week he’s beginning to develop a coating of myelin, a substance that protects and facilitates the brains communication with the rest of the nervous system. It’s extremely important for brain development so making sure to eat healthy fats like avocado, coconut oils and getting in enough DHA and Omega-3’s are essential.

Symptoms – I was feeling quite dizzy during week 18. I read that it could be due to low blood pressure. I took my BP and it was normal but still I have to listen to my body when it needs rest. I haven’t been sleeping the best either since I found out I was pregnant, I don’t know maybe it’s nerves still but the only time I get into a very deep sleep is when I nap in the afternoon. I even meditate at night and do yoga Nidra and still I can’t fall asleep. You know what the problem is, if I do fall asleep it’s around 9:30pm, then I wake up at 12 and can’t go back to sleep until around 5. Then of course during the afternoon I’m exhausted but if I can nap I do.

I was feeling a little nauseous this week too, and I think it’s when I eat too much or need to eat. There’s really no gray area when it comes to this pregnancy. I just know I always have to drink water like a champ and get my apple and OJ fix in. Sometimes I’ll do a little almond chocolate milk.

I got my blood test results back that I took in week 16. My anemia is better so I was told to keep doing whatever it was I was doing with supplements because it’s looking so much better. My vitamin-D3 was low so I started a supplement for that too. This week I’ll post all the vitamins I’m taking and why. I have a write up but I was actually thinking of doing a video instead. What do you guys think?

Pregnancy Weeks 16-19 - Discoveries, symptoms, doctor visits, ultrasounds, food cravings and more. NeuroticMommy second trimester.

*Car Selfies and veggie sushi runs to WholeFoods with my bestie*

And now onto my current week, Week 19…

Week 19 – Cashew is developing that white waxy coating that will protect his skin from being too dry and looking like a prune. This helps him and other babies slide out of the birth canal when ready to enter the world considering you’re having natural. When babies are born you see this like mucusy white stuff called vernix caseosa but not to be alarmed it cleans right off and it’s their protection in the womb from the amniotic fluid.

Symtoms – My symptoms are pretty much the same as week 18. Round ligament pain, feeling tired, also big and beastly. I’m peeing more than ever it seems. I don’t know if it’s all the water intake or just the pregnancy, it’s most likely both.  I have bursitis in my left hip from my first pregnancy which has been good up until now. It’s been inflamed a bit and I’m thinking it’s because of all the walking and working I’ve been doing.

Discoveries – Uuugh I found another skin tag but this one is under my arm pit. I mean at least it’s not on my neck this time but still. I had an itch, scratched it and it hurt like hell. I look and it’s a skin tag. I was like um hello, why are you hear. lol Then I remembered I was pregnant and this comes with the territory.

Dreaming – I’ve always been a lucid dreamer. That’s basically when you’re dreaming and you know you’re in a dream and you can control it. Being pregnant has heightened my sensitivities and so far from what I read this is all normal. I wonder if this baby is super spiritual or something. I’ve always felt like my babies have “the gift” like the 6th sense but not scary in that way. Has anyone else experienced this? My dreams don’t feel like weird dreams, they feel like I’m really in the time and place, having actual conversations with people I know and with people I don’t know. I can recall every detail when I wake up and the feeling lingers throughout the day. I even wake up with songs in my head and when I google the lyrics it makes so much sense and matches my mood. Do you think I should meditate more to be able to receive these messages or guidance? I’m not really sure what to do. I do know that I bought an astrology book and a deck of tarot cards that I haven’t opened yet but felt compelled to buy.

Things I do everyday – I take my vitamins, I moisturize even though I have stretch marks form my first pregnancy I do it more so because I like to take care of my skin rather than avoid stretch marks. I feel like that’s unavoidable in some cases anyway. I’m walking more each week, working and doing my best to stay on schedule. I’m planning which is something I never usual do but feel compelled to write lists all of a sudden.

So that’s what’s been going on the past 4 weeks. Next week I have another doctor visit and ultra sound. That ultrasound is an hour long or more depending on if Cashew wants to cooperate. This is the one where they have to check all the organs and stuff. It gets really in depth. I’m looking forward to it anyhow.

Thanks everyone for your continued love and support during this pregnancy. I feel truly lucky and blessed in all ways. I’m grateful for life, breath, air and love. I’m appreciative of all your tips and advice you give me on Instagram. I feel comfort in knowing I have such an amazing support system to guide me and share these things with me on my amazing journey. Well our amazing journey. Till next week… Eat healthy and be merry!

Source: Ovia Pregnancy App