Signs I Received To Have Another Baby

Signs I Received To Have Another Baby - with intuition and assistance from her guides read how Jennifer had Oliver her second son after 6 years. #pregnancy #signs #angels

Have kids they say right? Motherhood is the furthest thing from being glamorous. It’s not about Instagram, stories or keeping up with the Jones on social media. It’s about the recovery, spit up in every nook and cranny, sometimes not showering for days, sleepless nights (that’s an understatement), and barely being able to get a brush through your hair. And even with all that, 6.5 years later here I am with my second son. The Signs I Received to Have Another Baby were no coincidence. Having a child is still somehow magical through all the exhaustion. And I’d say 9 out of 10 Mother’s wouldn’t change it for the world. I know I wouldn’t. If I had to go through the same exact thing to have my babies again, knowing what I’d have to deal with, I would do it in a heartbeat because I can’t imagine my life without them now. I hardly remember my life before them. Ok maybe I remember sleeping till 1pm on the weekends but still, that was so long ago, LOL.

Let me give you a little back story real quick. After having my first son I decided I wasn’t going to have any more kids ever again. Not only because I was physically and mentally exhausted but because pregnancy for me was not easy, delivery was traumatizing (you can read all about that pregnancy here). To be honest, I never really liked to share my first birth story with new, potential moms because I didn’t want to scare them from having kids. Everyone is so so so different. I know someone who was pregnant, only gained weight in her belly, gave birth in like 3.2 seconds and was back in her skinny jeans same day, not even kidding. So yea don’t take my story and think it’s going to be your own because trust me, you will have your own experience and story to tell. With that said what made me have a second child almost 7 years later? It wasn’t a mistake, it was planned by me and something else much more deeper. God, The Universe what have you, had a plan and I knew this was my path to follow innately.

I remember after having Michael I would say to my husband in jest he wasn’t even allowed near my ear hole that’s how terrified I was at even the thought of being pregnant again. My husband and I are a pretty active married couple, however we were super cautious. I never used birth control in my life so we use other means of protection, I didn’t mess around. For years we practiced safe sex. He respected me fully in my decision not to have anymore kids.

The Signs

Fast forward to 2017 when I said to my husband I got a message I’m suppose to have another baby and I’m scared but I am ready. First he was shocked and then wanted to know who or what made me change my mind. I remember being like “I don’t know, I just know I’m suppose to have another baby and it has to be this year and I will have the baby in November and the numbers will be predominantly 7”. It was as though something higher than me was telling me this information and I was just expressing it verbally to my husband. You know when you feel something in the core of your being? Well that’s how this was for me. This message was in the core of my being and I knew it wasn’t false. I started a vision board and let my intuition guide me. I had picked out angel wings of protection followed by images of pregnant bellies with angels behind them. The word “expanding” kept coming to mind and I knew it meant my family. My husband was on board with a side thought of maybe my wife is a little nut-so too, haha. But we were ready.

Signs I Received To Have Another Baby - with intuition and assistance from her guides read how Jennifer had Oliver her second son after 6 years. #pregnancy #signs #angels

I was so so so scared but I knew I was meant to do it. I went to my doctor and we told him we were thinking of trying. He told us it takes the average couple 6 months to conceive but I knew in my gut that this was so meant to happen and it was going to happen right away. A month after that visit I was back in the office pregnant. I literally felt my conception. From being such a previous hypochondriac, I know all and any subtle changes in my body. I knew I was pregnant and didn’t even doubt it. When I took a pregnancy test 2 days before my period I knew it already and I was right. But it wasn’t just a lucky guess, I felt it, on a soul level.

Throughout my whole pregnancy with Oliver I felt even more spiritually connected. The ego part of me would try so hard to panic and worry about everything that could go wrong but my higher self would shut it down with massive reassurance that everything was going to be fine. I couldn’t even force myself to spiral out of control even if I wanted too and believe me I tried. I would think the worst things possible that could happen and still my sub conscious would keep that in check.

Everything was on schedule and I gave birth to Oliver 11/27/17, see those 7’s? I wasn’t surprised because I knew this already on a level I never experienced before. My Claircognizance was at it’s peak. I felt both mine and Oliver’s chakras, I could almost physically see the colors. My oldest son is sweet, kind, sensitive and his abilities were heightened as well. My husband never questioned anything because of how it was all unfolding. He would love to listen to how I was feeling or what messages were coming through. That’s why during pregnancy none of it was about social media. I thought initially I would post about my pregnancy weekly but I didn’t. Not because I didn’t want to but because I was actually living in those moments and being fully present. I didn’t feel the need or pressure to pull out my phone and “document” it because I was whole heartedly living it.

The Loudest Message

One of the biggest messages I received was regarding Oliver’s middle name. I’m very into names having meaning. For me I feel it’s the foundation in which the personality will exude from. I loved Oliver from the beginning because it means “to bring peace”.  I see him as a light worker. But for the life of me I couldn’t pick a middle name. I loved the name Noah and Gray but Gray didn’t have a meaning, it just sounded nice and Noah just didn’t feel right.

We had so many people offering up middle names but I kept saying no to all of them. A month before I gave birth I was waking up from a nap when someone said in my ear very loudly, almost like a shout, “Nathaniel”. Have you ever woken up from sleep and heard a yell? It was like that, but it wasn’t a physical being that said it. No one was in the room with me and that name wasn’t even on my radar or even mentioned to me before. So I looked it up and it’s meaning…are you ready for this?? It’s meaning is…”Gift From God”. Chills for dayzzzzz am I right?! And that’s how I named my Little baby O.

Signs I Received To Have Another Baby - with intuition and assistance from her guides read how Jennifer had Oliver her second son after 6 years. #pregnancy #signs #angels

Now I don’t know if you believe in signs or if this post resonates with you but I have to tell you this is very real. Having kids again after Michael was never an option. When I told close family and friends I was having another baby they were shocked because I was adamant in my initial decision.


Here’s a few more signs I want you guys to know about. Both my sons due dates were on deceased grandparents birthdays. When I gave birth to Michael he was due on my grandmother’s birthday. The day I gave birth to Michael both my day nurse and night nurse were named Annie. My grandmother’s name was Annie. Oliver’s birthday was due on my grandfather’s birthday. A few months after having him I resumed going to my sound mediation. The man who runs the class gave me a big hug and asked if I had a baby and I said yes. He then proceeded to tell me that my grandfather was the one strongly present throughout my whole pregnancy and that’s why I felt so safe. Now this guy doesn’t know any of the private details of my pregnancy or the signs that occurred throughout. I didn’t go to one sound meditation while I was pregnant. He just flat out said this to me in the beginning of class and I was astounded.

Some things just have no explanation and are what they are. I’ll tell you, I felt extremely blessed. I still do. And now having kids isn’t so scary to me anymore. A lot of things I use to be afraid of are dissipating because as I receive more signs, I know I’m being guided and I have more love, trust and faith. Let’s see how this goes with me getting on elevators and airplanes now. Hey I mean if I can give birth again and cauliflower can be pizza, I can do and be anything.

Have some signs you want to share? I would love to hear your experiences with this. Comment below and start the conversation!!