“Get Figgy With It” Salad

figsaladI know that when figs go out of season my heart hurts a bit. I love em’ but whattayagonnado? eh (shoulder shrug). Well when this happens and we have to flow with the seasons I go out and do what any normal person would do. I buy dried figs! (Yes, I know…totally clever).

Anywhoozers, salads don’t have to be boring! The word Salad itself tends to have a bad rap. I mean when people think (uugh) salad, that’s usually followed by an eye roll. I’m kiiinda talkin’ about me here back in the day. I would think salad equals just lettuce and thats it. And hey if I did have a good salad (or what I thought was good) it was pretty much like have loaded potato skins. Ya get me?

So now that I knooow the sweet, ultra amazing things you can do with a salad and keep it healthy, makes my heart skip a beat, maybe even shed one single tear of joy. (Am I overdoing it?) Here’s the thing, salad is good for you yes, but it doesn’t have to be just grass (not that grass this grass, you know what I mean, but you went there not me, ha). You can load up your bowl with other nutritionally packed fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds! See what I did there? I’m good eh?


2 c mixed greens

1/2 cucumber, sliced

handful of black olives

handful of mulberries & goji berries

1/4 c walnut pieces

3-4 dried figs, chopped

1/4 c red onion, sliced

1 tbsp tahini

fresh black pepper

juice of 1/2 a lemon


  1. Place mixed greens through onions in a large bowl.
  2. Add on all the toppings (to taste) and mix around well.
  3. Proceed to eat.
  4. Now you’re full. (Belly rub) Enjoy!