SoundBub: The Mom-Hack You’ve Been Waiting For

SoundBub: The Mom-Hack You've Been Waiting For - #healthy #sleep #naptime #kids

Introducing SoundBub: The Mom-Hack You’ve Been Waiting For!

Moms, Dads, Parents! This loving little device is like the best thing ever! Meet Benji the Bear, he’s created by SoundBub, a portable bluetooth speaker and soother.

I’m really into sound meditation, and guided meditation. When I meditate, even when someone is not speaking, I listen to meditative music. I love the sounds of nature and the ocean. I love listening to sounds that relax me. This is a healthy habit that I have and also one that my son has picked up on.  When we got this little bear and realized he exudes calming white noise that soothes and relaxes, we were so thrilled. It became his own. This is for kids of any age ranging from 0 and up.

(My son with his SoundBub, Benji the Bear…so cute)

SoundBub: The Mom-Hack You've Been Waiting For - #healthy #sleep #naptime #kids

Here’s what really cool about this and all it’s features:

SoundBub can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled device to play the music you already love.

SoundBub is compatible with WavHello’s VoiceShare app, where loved ones can record voice messages, lullabies, or mix/edit their own creations karaoke style. It’s easy to play this special content through SoundBub. This is perfect for family living far away or even parents who are deployed who want to send messages while they are away! Make your own customizable playlists for your young ones. How cool right!?

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